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Hi!  I'm Sheila Jane.

I'm so glad you stumbled upon my little corner of the online space.

Where do I even START?!?!  How do I describe myself in a nutshell?

Bullet points are my FAVORITE so let's start there:

Sonoma Wine Life In The Vineyards
  • Born and raised in San Jose, CA.

  • I'm an only child.  I entertained myself with an active imagination growing up. 

  • Everyday, a new imagination adventure: waitress, eye doctor, grocery store clerk, teacher and radio broadcaster.  Yep.  I LOVED pretend scanning canned food from our pantry.  I LOVED my tape recorder more than anything.  I LOVED lining up my teddy bears in my 'classroom'. 

  • Cal Poly SLO is where I pursued my teaching credential.

  • Taught for 10 years grades k-5.  I also added a masters in Educational Administration.

  • I was one of the first teachers to start a teaching blog and a teaching Instagram.  I called my blog 'Sprinkle Teaching Magic'.    I created curriculum to sell online via Teachers Pay Teachers.  My love for entrepreneurship and social media blossomed. 

  • 2012 I left my hometown and moved to Sonoma County with my then winemaker boyfriend. 

  • The beauty of Sonoma County captured my heart.  Post break up with said winemaker, I decided to stay and build a life here! 


  •  I decided to venture out, begin anew by starting an Instagram account, Sonoma Wine Life.  Every week I'd go on adventures around town and use Insta to document my discoveries.  

  • In 2013 I built my first official business after leaving teaching.  "Sheila Jane Teaching" became my business enterprise.  An online membership platform focused on teacher wellness.  Hundreds of teachers from around the world joined my membership site.  I created video trainings, ebooks, podcasts, digital downloads and more!  


  • In 2017 I ended Sheila Jane Teaching to take ALL the social media/entrepreneur skills I learned and created my own Social Media Coaching Business. 

  • A friend challenged me to visit 100 Sonoma County Wineries in 100 Days for my Sonoma Wine Life insta/blog.  I accepted the challenge!  As far as I know... I am the only person in the world who has completed this feat! 

  • I've ALWAYS loved earrings.  BIG EARRINGS.  At wine events I'd receive compliments on my earrings.  I discovered that I could make earrings from CORK!  My Sonoma Wine Life Shop earring business was born.

  • My earring business keeps growing, designs sell out, wineries invite me to be a vendor at their events.  Next venture, selling my earrings in their tasting rooms!

  • My other love, Social Media Coaching started booming.  I coach a local Chamber of Commerce.  I design professional websites for new entrepreneurs.  I coach small biz owners how to implement social media effectively and to enjoy the process.

  • My life is definitely Wabi Sabi, not perfect.  I share very openly about growing up in an Alcoholic home and my Alanon recovery.  I share my struggles with my weight.  I hope by sharing my experiences it helps others.

  • Dreams accomplished, a job with flexible hours and work that lights me up with passion.  I'm making it happen one day at a time!  


As you see, I'm a little of this and a little of that.  I really LOVE the space I'm in right now.  Earring Designer, Social Media Coach and continued Sonoma County explorer/advocate!  I wake up every day on a mission to help women feel more beautiful and radiant.  I help empower small business owners with their online space!  Feeling BLESSED! 


Don't hesitate to send me a message.  I'd love hearing from you. 

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