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Fallen Oak Ranch

My husband's family property sits right-smack-dab in the middle of stunning vineyards. On the property, there is a fallen oak tree that looks like a gnarly sculpture (hence why Joe named the property: Fallen Oak Ranch). Fallen Oak Ranch is filled with potential for making Chip & Joanna Gaines/Farm dreams come true. Joe has a knack for construction, landscape design, and DIY projects.  I pin lots of farm ideas to my Pinterest Board and Joe makes these ideas come to life.  


I try to be the documentarian/historian of the family farm journey....capturing all the progress Joe makes.  You can keep up with all the farm adventures by following on Instagram/Facebook @fallenoakranch 

Currently, Joe is hard at work putting in garden beds so we can grow our own fruits and veggies.  I am researching how to plant from seed, what to plant each season, and how to keep a garden alive.  It's a steep learning curve! 

I hope you enjoy following along!

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