A February Peek At My Wine Country Life

Updated: Jan 14

February wasn't exactly all 'hot and bothered' out here in Sonoma Wine Country.

February was more like 'cold and flustered'.

And I get it... it's still technically winter.

Immediately after Christmas I'm ready for Spring.

It doesn't help that wine country has SPRING colors bursting all over the place right now.

Yellow mustard and daffodils popping up everywhere, plus pink cherry trees in full bloom.

It's so deceiving.

I look out the window and the sun is shining.

I step out the door and a cold gust shivers me straight down to my timbers.

This past February I felt like I was in FULL BLOOM.

My confidence bloomed.

See, back in 2016, I NEVER would have posted pics of myself on my Sonoma Wine Life insta account.

A few months ago, I started posting more...

for every ten food, scenery, wine type pics, I maybe posted ONE pic of me.

February brought a shift.

I now post a pic of me almost every post.


I'm quite baffled that pics of me get the MOST engagement on insta.

People want to see me? Hard for me to believe.

I can't take all the credit for this 'blooming' mode I'm in.

THREE factors have played a part.


This gal slid into my DM's on insta.

We got together for a coffee date, and it felt like we'd known each other for years.

Malia is a style icon here in Sonoma County with an incredible blog, social media presence and body positive mindset.

On one of our blogger 'dates' we met up in downtown Healdsburg for a 'cute outfits' photoshoot.

Malia is extra, and fabulous, and outgoing, and real, and curvy and proud!

She knows how to pose for photos.

She knows how to work the camera.

She has FUN with fashion.

She taught me how to outfit change in the back seat of my car.

How to tilt the camera to elongate and slim my body in pics.

How to laugh in photos without looking awkward.

2) Fun Wine Gals On Insta

I'm in SO DEEP on Insta.

So deep in fact that I'm making connections with SUPER COOL gals.

Two in particular have really made an impression on me.

They are not only funny and witty but they are also


Wine drinkers

and we comment frequently on each other's insta posts.

When they post a pic

with a glass or bottle of wine,

looking all sassy, and fun...

I'm inspired!

Introducing Amanda of, 'The Glorious Grape' and....

Hannah of, 'My Pour Decisions'.

I obviously think they are way cooler than me,

but I'm connecting more to my quirky self.

3) My best gal pal, Katie and my loving boyfriend, Joe

Katie is my publicist, PR manager, photographer, hype woman and life friend.

Katie gets it. She does social media marketing for a large winery here in Sonoma County.

Katie encourages me to do photo shoots in cool locations.

She knows how to pose me and make me look my best.

I took this photo of her on Valentine's Day. She's a beauty. I'm glad she sometimes lets me return the picture taking favor.


Joe is my man.

We both have an incredible passion for social media.

Our date nights usually include talks about media follower strategies and the latest breaking social media news.

Joe recently purchased a drone, and now he KNOWS HOW TO FLY IT. Hot damn! I find this super sexy.

Joe knows the best secret spots in Sonoma County to take pictures of mustard grass and epic winery views.

For Valentine's and Our 1st Year Anniversary he took me to Valettes, a restaurant in Healdsburg.

A restaurant that gets a lot of foodie amazing hype.

Joe knew, with me being a 'foodie' and all, I would LOVE the "Chef's Tasting Menu".

(photo cred:

Every course is a surprise.

Romantic restaurant lighting is NOT conducive to taking food porn pics. Argh!

I borrowed some of the pics you are about to see off of the interwebs to give you a flavor of our meal.

Allow me to introduce you to Vallete's signature dish.

Day Boat Scallops en Croûte

Arguably my favorite dish of the night for presentation, grandeur, and deliciousness.

<Alert: I'm about to start shouting at you. Describing this dish must be in ALL CAPS!!!!>







We ate everything!

Ahi poke, duck, wagyu steak, pork porterhouse, chocolate fluff stuff, drizzled this and glazed that ...

I can't remember all the food.

At some point it became a blur of too many flavor explosions.

I love that Joe and I can be foodie nerds together.

There is no doubt I bloom when I'm around Joe.

I think when you bloom, you start feeling more confident.

And when you are more confident...

you are more receptive to new creative ideas.

Creative ideas like:

In February I started an Instagram account for my pup Lexi.

I'm @sonomawinelife and she's @sonomawinedog

She's a lot to manage.

She has demands.

She wants the perfect angle.

She wants all the attention. ; )

She's already becoming more insta famous then me.

200 followers and going strong!

Honestly, who could resist this face?!?!?

I also just recently burst open with a new idea; Start a Facebook Group for women called, Sonoma County Insiders Club.

My mission is to bring women in Sonoma County together for: -meet-ups


-sharing of fav local places

It's hard making friendships as an adult!

I created this new Sonoma County Insiders Club Facebook Group to connect women who share similar interests.

Join us here!

Lastly, I want to try something new.

Music is a HUGE part of my life! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite songs of February.

Here's my February Music Playlist:

February, the month of LOVE!

If you read all the way to the end of this post. THANK YOU!

I have so much LOVE for you.

See you back here on the first of April!




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