Beer Flights And Babies

Hello fall?

You coming soon?

It's me.

Fluffy orange LuLu kitty.

Everyone in my house, both human and furry, is excitedly awaiting cooler fall temps.

This past month had us melting.

Heatwaves in the high 90s with humidity.

No thanks!

I've decided to take a proactive approach.

If you build it they will come. Isn't that the saying?

If I go on a massive fall grocery rampage, fill my home with the scents, smells and tastes of fall, surely fall will come, right?

Exhibit A:

And since the cozy time of year is fast approaching...

I'm ready to hunker down and start consistently blogging my adventures here in Sonoma County.

My hope is to post every other week on Sundays.

I plan to do all my blogging from this queen chair I picked up at a garage sale last weekend for $20!

My typical Sunday blogging routine will consist of a:

  • glass of Pinot poured

  • smelly fall candle lit

  • fat orange kitty laying with me

  • blogging in the garage sale throne chair

What can you expect from this blog?

I'm thinking posts revolving around what's going on in my small little town, what I'm seeing, doing, and eating.

Let's take this gem of a pic from about a week ago.

See the little nugget bundle way at the back of the table? That's my friend's brand new baby!

Fresh out of the oven.

I can't wait to post more of my Sonoma Wine Life adventures.

Sonoma Wine Life is all about

  • long tables

  • candle ambiance

  • friends gathered

  • warmer nights

  • lots of eating and laughter

  • oh and new babies

I'll also talk about random stuff like my new recent discovery.

I get sick of beer really fast.

I order a pint and usually by sip 6 I'm over it.

Half my beer typically gets warm and goes to waste.


I'm now all about the beer flight.

Picking out funky beers to taste on the menu.

The presentation of little beer shot-glasses and switching between different beer flavors holds my attention much longer.

Here's my most recent flight from the brand new Bear Republic that opened in Rohnert Park.

Let's not get it twisted though...

My first drink of preference, will ALWAYS be a glass of Sonoma County wine.

Ahhhhhhhh yes.

Me in my element------> Out at Hawkes Winery for their last summer concert night.

Black maxi dress.

Golden sunset hour.

Wine in hand.

And a friend to willingly take an impromptu photo shoot because the lighting is just that fabulous.

Here's a little video vlog of a typical summer winery concert night.

So what do you think? Good chat. You and me and this little blog.

Hanging out with me chatting away.

I think it will be great. No matter where you live.

If you're here in Sonoma Wine Country, let's swap cool local hangouts.

If you're living half-way around the world, I hope you fall in love with MY little corner of the world.

Let's catch-up soon.

Oh and please sign my comment guest book below to let me know you stop by. That would make my day.


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