Behind The Scenes Dinner At Bowman Cellars

Updated: Jan 14

Throw out my scale. Buy me some stretchy pants. I’ve somehow found myself on the wine-ing and dine-ing event circuit.

Dinner at Kendall Jackson, lunch at La Crema, and now dinner at Bowman Cellar's. Not sure how I'm manifesting these glorious invites, but I'm grateful!

Here I am posing with Jackie from Jaclyn Renee Wines.

I’m often asked. Out of all 100 wineries you visited what were your TOP favs?

Bowman Cellars is always high on my 'must visit' list. Because the...

Alex and Katie Bowman Photo Cred: Bowman Cellars FB Page

  • owners are adorable

  • bright eyed

  • oooooozing wine passion

  • making flip your wig Pinot/Chard/Cab/Rosé

  • Graton is the cutest little town

  • the winery decor is trendsetting

  • they are fresh and young and vibrant and welcoming

  • salt of the earth people

Last night was their winemaker dinner with Jaclynn Renee Wines.

Here's my birds-eye view of the night:

Most Interesting Person

At first, my boyfriend and I were a little perplexed.

We noticed we were not sitting next to each other.

The beauty of 'Sonoma County Wine Dining' is...

you typically sit at looooooooooooooong tables.

Long candle lit tables.

Tables filled with new and interesting people.

I sat next to Azure.

As the meal progressed I was blown away.

Azure explore's the world on her Honda motorcycle.

Currently she is working at Comstock Winery.

She works three to four months out of the year and then is off again on another motorcycle adventure.

Best Dressed

Katie Bowman.

Wife of Alex Bowman the owner.

She wore a flow-y leopard print dress.

The back had a cutout to give a little sassy and stunning element.

Most Delicious

Burrata with apple pesto and mint oil.

Super finely chopped apples.

Creamy burrata with a cloud like soft texture/flavor.

I enjoyed the contrasting elements of the soft cheese with the crisp and tart apple flavor.

Cutest/Funniest Moment:

Learning how Katie met Alex Bowman.

All of us roared with laughter when she announced that Alex was the brother of her best friend.

Katie was a senior and Alex was an 8th grader when they met and fell in love!!!!!

Another cute moment.

During appetizers there was a little table set-up.

Guests could ask the winemakers questions.

In between every course the winemakers pulled a question.

Alex Bowman's turn.

Even though it was dark at this point, I swear I could see his face turn red.

Alex announced that he recognized his mom's handwriting.

As he read the question, we all cracked up.

"Alex, what do you love most about your mother?"

So Cute!

The Bowman's are all about family and playfulness!

Decor Favorite:

I've only seen the Bowman 'wine-stream' during the day.

On this night, it was lit up and quite magnificent.

Twinkle lights in the surrounding trees and then the airstream itself lit up with a blue glow.

What other winery has this cool feature?!?!?

During appetizers, Chardonnay and Rosé was flowing out of the wine-stream.

Fascinating Facts:

I'm always fascinated how wineries get their start.

During dinner Alex talked about being an electrician by trade.

He did grow up making wine in the garage with his dad.

In 2013 he accepted three tons of Cabernet as a payment for a job.

It was then that he started getting serious about opening a winery.

Wrap Up:

Wine should never be stuffy and stiff and unattainable. Bowman wine is a best friend in a glass. Attending a dinner event at Bowman was like being at the best wedding of the year.

Hilarious speeches, the winemaker's family surrounding you, Katie Bowman’s on point decor skills and her leopard print dress was New York Fashion Week goals!!!!!!

Cheers to the Bowman’s. These winery owner newbies are making some serious waves and shaking things up in our Sonoma County wine industry. Dare I say this is one of the TOP hottest wineries in Sonoma County right now!

Get there. You’ll love it. I promise.

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