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Carol Shelton Wines

Updated: Jan 12



  • Carol Shelton Wines is located in an industrial section of Santa Rosa.

  • Kinda like driving into a warehouse/office complex.

  • No vineyard views and no frou-frou-fancy tasting room.

  • You might even wonder if the GPS steered you wrong.

  • Nope, keep going!

  • Carol Shelton Wines is towards the back of the complex.

  • Several other wineries are located at this same facility:

  • Inspiration Vineyards, Donelan Family Wines, Pisoni Vineyard & Vines

  • While tasting today at Carol Shelton Wines, I MET CAROL!

  • She describes the industrial warehouses turned winery/tasting rooms as:


  • Meaning:

  • The facility (aka Barrio) itself is not “high falutin” or pretentious, BUT one thing is for sure:

  • DE VINO (of wine) OR DIVINE wines are being produced and poured here.