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Carol Shelton Wines

Updated: Jan 12



  • Carol Shelton Wines is located in an industrial section of Santa Rosa.

  • Kinda like driving into a warehouse/office complex.

  • No vineyard views and no frou-frou-fancy tasting room.

  • You might even wonder if the GPS steered you wrong.

  • Nope, keep going!

  • Carol Shelton Wines is towards the back of the complex.

  • Several other wineries are located at this same facility:

  • Inspiration Vineyards, Donelan Family Wines, Pisoni Vineyard & Vines

  • While tasting today at Carol Shelton Wines, I MET CAROL!

  • She describes the industrial warehouses turned winery/tasting rooms as:


  • Meaning:

  • The facility (aka Barrio) itself is not “high falutin” or pretentious, BUT one thing is for sure:

  • DE VINO (of wine) OR DIVINE wines are being produced and poured here.

  • I personally love this type of wine experience.

  • Several fantastic wineries all in one location.

  • So much easier to wine taste when each tasting room is a short walk away.

  • Sure, getting the quintessential vineyard experience is great sometimes.

Here at Carol Shelton Wines you get so much more:


  • Proprietor and Winemaker (see pic below).

  • One of the FIRST dozen women to graduate from the UC Davis wine course back in 1978.

  • Carol is very hands-on and is often around.

  • She is welcoming and very willing to answer wine related questions.

  • Called, The QUEEN of Zinfandel.

  • As she took me on a little tour of the barrel room and production facility, I felt very at home in her winemaking home.

  • She oozes winemaking pride.

  • Her philosophy: If you put a lot into it, you get a lot back.



  • In fact, she is the highest awarded winemaker in the country.


  • From the beautiful mural of Rockpile Vineyards behind the tasting bar.

  • To the many awards and recognitions displayed all over the tasting room.

  • To the incredibly knowledgeable tasting room hostess.

  • The tasting room is for sure an interesting spot filled with unique wine treasures.


  • Tasting is $10 Per Person.

  • Waived with wine purchase.

  • Wines range from $18-$50 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • No appointment needed.

  • Open daily 11:00am-4:00pm


Wine Pick

  • Black Magic 2017 Late Harvest Zinfandel.

  • I NEVER go for a dessert wine.

  • This wine enchanted my tastebuds. Not tooooo sweet. Just right.

  • Plus, I LOVE anything and everything mystical, witchy, magic so this bottle screams me.

  • I already have the bottle surrounded by my most magical crystals (see below)

  • Advice from Carol’s husband, Mitch: Taste the wine first, THEN nibble the chocolate, then take another sip of Black Magic at the end.

  • I also HIGHLY recommend all of Carol’s zin. They are delectable.

  • OOOOOOO and if you try some of their Wild Thing Wines they may press a special hidden button that plays the song ‘Wild Thing’ by The Troggs!