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DaVero Farms & Winery

Updated: Jan 12



  • Back when I taught kindergarten…

  • (Yes, I did in fact teach kindergarten for 5 years!)

  • Anyways, back when I taught kinder, the BEST field trip of the entire school year was….

  • Heading to Hidden Villa Farm.

  • I was more excited about heading to a farm than my students.

  • Something about farm animals, growing veggies to eat, and walking around in muddy boots made my soul happy.

  • The same feeling came over me at DaVero farms.

  • NO kindergarteners in tow this time!

  • Just me and my three favorite wine drinking gal pals.

  • Chickens, pigs, and sheeps oh my!

  • This is for sure a taste and stroll the gardens type winery.

  • A peaceful spot.

  • Consider even scheduling a tasting appointment and having a picnic.



  • Tasting $20 per person.

  • Tasting fee is not waived with purchase.

  • You may have to buy up to 3 bottles for a tasting to be waived.

  • Wines range from around $32-$75

Appointment Needed? 

  • By appointment only

  • This is a very Club focused winery. Almost all of the wines are only available to wine club members only.


Wine Pick

  • I’m not a DaVero wine club member so that seriously limits wines I can purchase.

  • Bummer!

  • I really wish I could get my hands on the Altobasso Rosato and the Dolcetto.

  • I DID go home with a Pollo Rosso Jug.

  • A non-vintage, non-varietal blend.

  • Mystery Wine!

  • I guess this is a common practice in Europe.

  • Costs $26 but can be refilled for only $12.99.

  • Word on the street is that proceeds of the purchase might go to local charities.

  • Be sure to ask.


Dog Approved

  • Yes.

  • Well behaved dogs on leashes are welcome.

Social Media Worthy

  • DaVero is the perfect winery to visit if you love taking photos.

  • Use the portrait mode on your iPhone and get up close and personal with:

  • Wildflowers

  • Farm Animals

  • And your wine glass.

Feel Good Vibes

  • This might be a wordy and longer section than most.

  • Lots of juicy info. Buckle up!

  • Before I even made my way to the DaVero tasting room, I stumbled upon Michael Presley.

  • I was mystified by this copper pot he was fiddling with.

  • It looked like something out of a Wizard Of Oz movie.

  • He also had a table set up with different varieties of seeds to take.

  • Michael is DaVero’s soil keepeer.

  • He has been gardening and farming in Sonoma County for 40 years.

  • On this particular day he was distilling herbs and extracting a little essential oils.

  • Lemon Verbena and Sonoma Sage to be precise.

  • He described the process like making espresso.

  • You put the steam up through the plant material.

  • Then the steam goes through a condenser.

  • What comes out is a concentrated infused water with a little film of essential oil on top.

  • You may cook with it, drink it, put it in the bath, for your face, skin…

  • Hydrosols are aromatic waters.