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deLorimier Winery (deLo for short)

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • Right in the heart of scenic Alexander Valley.

  • A very welcoming, relaxing, and super friendly winery.

  • Tucked alongside the green, rolling, vineyard hills.

  • The immaculate winery grounds include a:

  • Distinctive large rock fountain as you make your way towards the tasting room.

  • Sheltered patio for picnicking and lounging. Umbrellas keep you shaded.

  • Nice grass area to play corn hole.

  • Big tasting room bar inside that accommodates many guests.

  • I also like that at deLorimier, the vines feel like they are right on top of you.

  • Vines surround you on all sides.

  • My absolute FAVORITE part of deLo’s ambiance happens during summer.

  • When I picture a winery night, I envision strings of twinkle lights, and the big night sky sparkling with stars.

  • This winery dream is a reality at deLo!



  • $10-$15 wine tasting flights.

  • Complimentary wine tasting for wine club members.

  • Gourmet box lunches can be purchased on site.

  • There is also a fridge with cheese and meats to purchase too.

  • Wines range from $26 up to their premier reserve Cabernets getting up to $150.


Appointment Needed?

  • Open daily 10:00-5:00pm.

  • Walk-ins welcome.


Wine Pick

  • My go-to deLo wine for spring and summer is the Sauvignon Blanc.

  • I also really enjoy their Merlot.

  • Wine list includes: not one, not two, but TEN Cabs.

  • Also Chardonnay, Malbec, Primitivo, Meritage, Zinfandel, and Sangiovese.


Dog Approved

  • Yes!

  • The entire Wilson family are dog lovers.

  • Diane Wilson (owner and winemaker) has a border collie named Mollie.

  • The oldest daughter of the Wilson clan, Sydney, has a dog named Newton.

  • When visiting deLo, it is very likely you’ll run into a Wilson family member with one of their dogs.

  • Dogs are integral to the brand.

  • Bring your dog, sip, and both of you can relax.


Social Media Worthy

  • My most popular instagram photo of ALL TIME was taken at deLo.

  • Me drinking in the vineyards.

  • A second most popular photo was when I got up close and personal with a cookie.

  • If you love food porn photos, then Chef Donna’s culinary creations will wow you.

  • Please note:

  • Unlike a ton of wineries, deLorimier keeps their Instagram and Facebook pages up to date!

  • Follow to stay in the loop of events.


Feel Good Vibes

  • It’s the remarkable, classy, and with-it women who embody the deLorimier experience.

  • Diane Wilson is the matriarch of the Wilson brand.

  • Also the premiere winemaker, host of the yearly Wilson gala charity event, Children of the Vineyard Workers, and an avid runner.

  • Katie, my dear friend, is the Wilson marketing dynamo.

  • Katie discovers new creative ways to bring the Wilson brand to more people.

  • Lucky for me, I occasionally get to be her assistant.

  • Riding with her on the Wilson float in the Geyserville Tractor Parade.

  • Sampling her amazing ribs for the Wilson entry into the Geyserville rib cook-off.

  • Also, there is the tireless deLo general manager, Rebecca.

  • Rebecca has a gentle spirit, a warm hospitality knack, and a quick smile that sets a tone for all guests.

  • Rebecca goes out of her way to make sure guest are well taken care of.

  • And for all foodies, there’s in house Chef Donna Parsons, who’s mastered the art of food pairing.

  • Using the freshest locally sourced produce and her knowledge of wine nuances.

  • Her food creations are consistently memorable.

  • I LOVE the women at deLo!


Wine Nerd Facts

  • Ken and Diane Wilson astound me.

  • deLorimier is one of 11 award winning wineries in the Wilson Artisan Wineries family portfolio.

  • Wilson Winery, Mazzocco, DeLorimier, Matrix, Soda Rock, Pezzi King, St.Anne’s Crossing, Jaxon Keys, Greenwood Ridge, and brand new Rockpile Vineyards.

  • The Wilson’s also own Calderwood Inn and Grape Leaf Inn.

  • They offer a tour featuring 4 of the 11 wineries.

  • 6 hours chauffeured while you learn about wine from a personal wine educator.

  • The tour will turn novice wine lovers into knowledgeable WINE NERDS by the end of the day.

  • Totally worth checking it out HERE.

Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • A deLorimier membership is your entree into Wilson Artisan Wineries Club.

  • Enjoy wine discounts at all 11 Wilson wineries.

  • Choose from five club plans to suit your wine desires.

  • Members gather in the beautiful de Lorimier Club Room for food pairing events.

  • Summer outdoor concerts at deLorimier are a must.

  • Make sure to print the Wilson Artisan Winery Summer Music Series schedule for your fridge.

  • The food trucks at these concerts are DELICIOUS!

  • The bands will make you get up and dance.

  • The Wilsons know how to throw a party.

  • At events, you’ll spot favorite hosts, Diane and Ken Wilson.


Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I consider deLorimier Winery my home base

  • Think of it like your favorite go-to restaurant.

  • That place you go when you want consistent and reliable food that hits the spot.

  • deLorimier is that kinda place for me.

  • When I step on to the deLo property, I feel at home.

  • There is a consistency and familiarity that puts me in a good mood.

  • The food, the staff, the atmosphere, and especially the wine never disappoints.

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