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Dutcher Crossing

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



  • Like stepping into a wine country painting.

  • You’ll see what I’m talking about as you scroll through the pics below.

  • From every angle the scenery is quintessential wine-country-picturesque.

  • Cheerful cottage flowers line the path as you walk to the tasting room.

  • Emerald green Dry Creek Valley views off in the distance.

  • Around every corner, reality is skewed.

  • Is this fake?

  • Am I inside a Sonoma County painting come to life?

  • Inside the tasting room I like to sit near the rustic fireplace in a stately wingback chair.

  • Pour me a glass of Zin, light me a pipe, and put a curled up bloodhound at my feet.

  • Then there is the tasting room bar.

  • Long with plenty of room for many wine lovers to stand and taste.

  • I enjoy options when I taste wine.

  • I can chat inside with the tasting room staff…

  • Or

  • I can wander outside on the beautiful grounds while I sip.

  • The next time I visit I’m bringing a picnic.

  • Today, when I went to taste, several little birds swooped around me.

  • As cozy, quaint and charming as a winery can be.



  • $20 for a tasting.

  • This fee is NOT waived with a wine purchase.

  • Keep in mind, this is a small production winery with exceptional wines.

  • Pay the tasting fee.

  • You will not be disappointed.

  • Wines range from $28 to $52 per bottle.


Appointment Needed?

  • Tasting room and picnic area open 7 days a week from 11am-5pm.

  • The staff at Dutcher are beyond FRIENDLY.

  • Debra Mathy, proprietor, is often on site with her yellow lab Dutchess.

  • Pop in.

  • Such a welcoming winery.

  • Also, this winery is KID FRIENDLY!


Wine Pick

  • Too hard to pick just one.

  • Last night, I met up with two of my best friends since FIRST GRADE.

  • We had a little reunion dinner.

  • It was essential to bring a special bottle for this special occasion.

  • Dutcher Crossing 2016 Brothers’ Reserve Zinfandel.


  • I really wanted to bring a wine that showcased Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County.

  • Mission accomplished.

  • We drank every last drop and my friends were impressed.


Dog Approved

  • A very enthusiastic YES!

  • Move over Hollywood’s ‘Marley & Me’…

  • The story of ‘Dutchess The Wine Dog’ is Hollywood’s next blockbuster.

  • Yellow Lab, Dutchess, came all the way from TAIWAN!

  • A dual language pup 😉

  • Dutchess is official winery greeter.

  • You can spot her in the 2018 Wine Dogs USA Calendar.

  • If you’ve followed me on my Insta, you know I have a labrador too.

  • My little Lexi is a Chocolate Lab.

  • Dog people, and especially labrador people, are my tribe.

  • Lexi and I give this winery two paws up!

  • Dogs are welcome at Dutcher Crossing as long as they are leashed, friendly, and Dutchess approved.


Social Media Worthy


  • Remember how I said this winery was like walking into a painting?

  • With Dry Creek Valley as your backdrop, there is no way you can mess up a picture.


Feel Good Vibes

  • See the vintage high-wheel bicycle below?

  • This bike is pivotal.

  • You’ll spot the bike on almost every Dutcher Crossing label.

  • The bike was a special gift from Debra’s father.

  • The last gift she received before her father passed away.

  • Debra’s dad was very instrumental in encouraging her to pursue her dreams of owning a winery.

  • From growing up in Wisconsin to landing in Dry Creek Valley…

  • Debra’s dad was along the journey encouraging her.

  • He passed away right before Debra made an offer on Dutcher Crossing.

  • Although he never saw Debra’s dream made realized, he is interwoven in the soul and essence of the winery.

  • The website eloquently writes:

  • “The high-wheel bicycle represents Dutcher Crossing’s pursuit of quality small-lot winemaking, the guiding power of her father’s imagination and the journey that lies ahead.”


Wine Nerd Facts

  • When I post about a winery I like to dig deep!

  • In my research of Dutcher it was a treat to stumble upon Debra’s blog.

  • Going back to 2008.

  • Right after she took over the Dutcher Crossing Property as Owner.

  • Debra has a blog!

  • She is quite an entertaining writer.

  • It’s fascinating to walk along side her as she sets out to own and operate a winery!

  • Reminds me of Under The Tuscan Sun with Diane Lane

  • (hmmmmm there seems to be a movie theme to this blog post)

  • A writer who takes an Italian vacation and through various serendipitous events becomes the owner of a Tuscan Villa.

  • Have you seen the movie?

  • I won’t go into all the details.

  • Anyways, Debra’s blog is like this.

  • The journey.

  • Buying a winery.

  • Moving from Wisconsin.

  • Leaving family behind.

  • Setting off on an ultimate life adventure.

  • A blog that spotlights her twists and turns.

  • I don’t think she updates the blog now…

  • Darn

  • I’ll still cozy up on the couch with a glass of her wine and live vicariously through her!


Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • As of this year, 2018, Dutcher Crossing is the only wine club which I can say I am a proud member.

  • I look forward to my shipments.

  • Happy Wine Mail!!!


Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I have a key nugget of juicy info.

  • If it hadn’t been for Dutcher Crossing there would be NO 100 Wineries In 100 Days!

  • During Winter Wineland 2018, I was sitting in this very chair pictured below.

  • My friend Chrissy was sharing a story of how when she moved back to Healdsburg from college she thought about visiting 100 wineries with her best friend.

  • My ears perked up as I listened to her story.

  • What if Sonoma Wine Life did 100 WINERIES IN 100 DAYS?!?!?!?!?!

  • And so it was….

  • And here we are.

  • So what are my tasting notes for Dutcher Crossing?

  • When I open a bottle of Dutcher Crossing I….

  • Have my best ideas.

  • Have my best memories shared with friends.

  • Have my little Debra movie playing in the background.

  • Dutchess the winery pup, a loving dad surrounding the winery in love, and a brave gal from Wisconsin making her dreams a reality.

  • Two thumbs up!

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