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Dutcher Crossing

Updated: Jan 12



  • Like stepping into a wine country painting.

  • You’ll see what I’m talking about as you scroll through the pics below.

  • From every angle the scenery is quintessential wine-country-picturesque.

  • Cheerful cottage flowers line the path as you walk to the tasting room.

  • Emerald green Dry Creek Valley views off in the distance.

  • Around every corner, reality is skewed.

  • Is this fake?

  • Am I inside a Sonoma County painting come to life?

  • Inside the tasting room I like to sit near the rustic fireplace in a stately wingback chair.

  • Pour me a glass of Zin, light me a pipe, and put a curled up bloodhound at my feet.

  • Then there is the tasting room bar.

  • Long with plenty of room for many wine lovers to stand and taste.

  • I enjoy options when I taste wine.

  • I can chat inside with the tasting room staff…

  • Or

  • I can wander outside on the beautiful grounds while I sip.