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Dutton Estate Winery

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Let’s dive into everything Dutton Estate Winery by exploring 4 topics that really embody, for me, this Sonoma County winery treasure:

  1. Chip and Joanna Gaines Would Approve

  2. Eyes Rolling Back From Mouth Watering Food

  3. Sonoma County Farm Royalty

  4. All In The Family

Before we get into those juicy topics I need to first tell you that…


My wine tasting adventure buddy Kathy, aka Vinstagrape on Instagram, arranged for us to have a DUTTON DAY!!!

What is a Dutton Day?


A day of wine tasting at both Dutton-Goldfield winery AND at Dutton Estates.

Brother Steve Dutton owns Dutton Goldfield Winery which is not too far from Dutton Estate which is founded by brother Joe Dutton and his wife, Tracy.

Kathy and I highly recommend you head to Sebastopol area and book appointments at both of these wineries and make your very own Dutton Day memories.

Eat a super light breakfast.

Experience the Sushi Paring at Dutton-Goldfield for lunch.

Then head to Dutton Estates for their seasonal food pairing for a late afternoon delightful treat.

Alright, back to everything Dutton Estate!

Here are 4 stand-out elements that pop out to me when I think of my tasting experience at Dutton Estates.

1. Chip and Joanna Gaines Would Approve

From the moment you park and walk up to the winery, you instantly feel down-home farm vibes.

Kathy and I visited the winery in fall. The coziest time to wine taste.

As we walked up to the tasting room, a vintage tractor sits out front decorated with rustic pumpkins.

The tasting room feels like a home nestled among 50+ year old chardonnay vines.

Inside the tasting room there are handprinted signs in gorgeous Pinterest worthy font.

One sign says…

‘Every Family Has A Story, Welcome To Ours’.


You instantly feel like you’ve been wrapped in a winery hug.

I made a comment to our hostess Elizabeth, Hospitality Coordinator:

‘This tasting room is exactly what I would imagine if Chip and Joanna Gaines owned a winery. This is how they would decorate.’

Elizabeth laughed.

She replied,“You must tell Tracy that.”

Tracy is founder of the winery along with her husband, Joe Dutton.

There is no doubt that Tracy’s cozy decor sets the tone for a day of relaxed wine tasting, and it’s like hanging out with the Dutton family.

2. Eyes Rolling Back From Mouth Watering Food

Kathy and I experienced the Harvest Small Bites & Wine Pairing.


Each season the Executive Winery Chef, Carol Kozlowski-Every and Kylie Dutton work together to create an exceptional pairing to knock-the-socks off guests.


Here is the menu we experienced:

Honey Goat Cheese & Apricot Crostini Honey goat cheese with a slice of fresh apricot on a crostini with honey drizzle and basil. Paired with our 2017 Kylie’s Cuvée Sauvignon Blanc

*****MY FAVORITE——-> Chilled Corn Soup Shooter The perfect pairing to bring you into the harvest season. Pureed corn soup chilled with fresh chives and olive oil. Paired with our 2017 Warren’s Collection Chardonnay

Estero Gold, Rosemary & Thyme Savory Cookie Local Valley Ford Cheese Co. Estero Gold cheese with rosemary and thyme rolled together to make a savory cookie. Paired with our 2016 Manzana Vineyard Pinot Noir

*******MY FAVORITE———>Smoked Turkey Breast Salad Local Willie Bird’s smoked turkey breast turkey salad with celery and grapes stuffed in crispy phyllo cups. Paired with our 2017 La Familia Pinot Noir


Pumpkin Butter, Sage & Fromage Blanc Local Bellwether Farms Fromage Blanc cheese with Kozlowski Farms Pumpkin Butter & toasted sage on a crostini. Paired with our 2017 Thomas Road Vineyard Pinot Noir

Every single thing on this menu was delectable.

I want to buy jars of the pumpkin butter!

At the end of the pairing, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie arrived!

HEAVENLY!!!! Ooooooooey Goooooooey! Tastes fresh out of Grandma’s kitchen.

The entire experience was a culinary and tastebud delight.

Kathy and I experienced the thought and effort put into each pairing flavor.

I just love how daughter, Kylie, follows her cooking passion and helps create the brainstorm behind these pairing delights.

I’m really considering becoming a wine club member.

Wine club members may bring guests and enjoy complimentary wine tastings with culinary pairings for FREE!


The winery also offers a Chocolate & Wine Pairing with gourmet chocolates from Wine Country Chocolates.

I must try this tasting experience as well.

While you are enjoying your tasting, your options are playing corn hole, or just relaxing with the view of the beautifully manicured lawn area outside.

3. Sonoma County Farm Royalty

Above the fireplace rests a large map.

A map that really puts into perspective what I like to call the heritage of the Dutton ‘Farm Royalty’.

A map that showcases Dutton Ranch.

Dutton Ranch sits within the Green Valley/Russian River Valley and Sonoma Coast appellations.

Joe Dutton, co-owner of Dutton Ranch, oversees the ranch, founded in 1964 by his parents.

Dutton Ranch farms a whopping 1200 acres of grapes and 200 acres of apples.

Joe Dutton, along with his brother Steve, grew up in the vineyards and orchards.

Steve and Joe are on a mission to continue the farming legacy of their father.

It’s quite incredible when you see a list of all the exceptional wineries that get their grapes from Dutton Ranch.

I also want to mention the Kozlowski Farms connection.

Tracy Dutton comes from her own line of Farming Royalty.

Tracy is a Kozlowski.

Kozlowski Farms is well known for their pies, jams, sauces and more. For years they have owned a renowned roadside farm store in Sebastopol.

Tracy grew up picking berries, making jam, and baking with her grandma.

She managed the family’s retail store and helped it grow.

Like something out of a Hallmark Movie, she fell in love with the boy from the ranch next door, Joe Dutton.


4. All In The Family

The first thing you see upon entering the tasting room is a stunning picture of Joe, Tracy and their three daughters. You can tell there is a lot of family pride.

As Elizabeth took us on a tour of the property, we ended up in the barrel room.

Out popped Robert Donnell, consulting winemaker and Kylie Dutton who is walking in her family’s footsteps as a winemaker’s assistant.

Kathy and I were very surprised because it was right in the middle of harvest. Yet the winemaking team took the time to chat with little ‘ol us.

Then, in comes German Zavala, the cellar master. Next, walks in Joe Dutton AND TRACY DUTTON!

Kathy and I were surrounded.


We took a group pictures, and Kathy and I picked Joe Dutton’s brain about wine farming.

Later, when Kathy and I sat for our tasting, Tracy Dutton chatted with us. She is the most welcoming, classiest and most gracious host ever.

I loved hearing her stories about the ‘My Father’s Vineyard Syrah’.

The syrah vineyard was originally her father Kozlowski’s property and is now farmed by Joe Dutton.

In a day and age when it feels like so many family wineries are being taken over by big wine corporations…

What a breath of fresh air to be at a winery with total family roots!


After day of wine tasting, I came home and RAVED about Dutton Estates to my boyfriend.

I was beaming.

“This is what it’s all about.” I said to him.

“This is why I am so passionate about my Sonoma Wine Life Blog. It’s families like the Dutton’s that have made Sonoma County Wine what it is today. This family is OG (old-school)!!!! It’s the Dutton unpretentious farming history that represents the strong heartbeat of Sonoma County winemaking.”

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