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Hirsch Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12


  • Not your typical ‘going-to-a-vineyard-to-taste-wine’ experience.

  • A minimalistic and tiny tasting room where the focus is on the wine.

  • The actual Hirsch Vineyards is located way out on the Sonoma Coast.

  • Accessing these mind blowing wines is so much easier now that there is this showcase tasting room in downtown Healdsburg.

  • The walls of the tasting room disappear while the host talks; you’re transported to the foggy Sonoma Coast vineyards.


  • $35 Per Person.

  • 60 minute seated tasting.

  • Experience knowledgeable and engaging information about the history of the vineyard and the complexities of each bottle.

  • Tasting fee is waved with purchase of one or more cases.

  • Worth every penny!

  • Hirsch Wine can range from $60 and up a bottle.


Appointment Needed? 

  • Planning for your tasting is required.

  • Not a place to bring kids or a rowdy bunch of wine drinkers.

  • Appointments required

  • Close to downtown Healdsburg.

Wine Pick:

  • All of it!

  • Seriously.

  • There is not a bad, mediocre, or just ‘