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Jordan Winery

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

At the start of my 100 Wineries In 100 Days challenge….

Jordan Winery was the first winery I wrote down as a must visit.


A Sonoma County winery treasure, north of Healdsburg.

Typically mentioned as one of the top ten wineries to visit.

Jordan’s exquisite Boston Ivy covered brick Chateau is tucked into the lush Alexander Valley.


Tom and Sally Jordan, the proprietors of the nearly 1,200 acre estate since 1972 are true revolutionary wine thinkers.

There mission was to create the first Bordeaux-style Cabernet that was approachable and aged.

Lower alcohol and silky tannins.


Producers of French-inspired Cabernet and Chardonnay.

Their son, John, is the second generation proprietor, CEO and vintner.

On the tour you might be lucky enough to have their Chardonnay paired with CAVIAR!


Three-fourths of this hilly estate is a nature preserve.

Two lakes are home to ducks and geese,and cows graze on the hillside.

An 18 acre olive grove is the source for the delicious Jordan extra virgin olive oil.

Olives are handpicked in a technique called bracatura where the olives are shaken into nets.


Chef, Todd Knoll, since 2003 has gathered and planted fresh produce on the 1 acre garden.

Prize Chardonnay and Cab grapevines thrive on the 112 acre estate vineyards.

Take note: no dogs or kids for tastings.


Tasting is by appointment.

A more formal wine tasting experience.

The staff is knowledgeable and energetic to share their love of Jordan wine with you.

First Class service all the way.


When I visited, I enjoyed touring the property and then ending the tour with a seated tasting paired with local cheeses.

I really want to go back during Christmas and do the Holiday Tour and Tasting.


Drinking Jordan Cabernet by the Christmas tree? Yes please!!!

Jordan Winemaker, Rob Davis, has been making Jordan wine for 40 years.

A weekly video blog, The Journey of Jordan, is a great way to stay connected.


Two resident donkeys, Goose and Maverick, don’t mind a few pets from guests.

Goats and chickens also reside on the property.

Bees, an integral part of the health of the ecosystem; thrive in a FlowHive.


Judy Jordan, John’s sister, founded J Winery, which was sold to Gallo in 2015.

Both Judy and brother John fund education and mentorship programs for youth.

John Jordan Foundation has helped many families and children affected by the 2017 fires.


Visiting the winery at Fall is a must.

The Boston Ivy that covers the winery chateau changes from vibrant green to orange, yellow, and red.

Jordan Winery is very active on social media and always coming up with clever videos and pictures to enjoy.

They are also well known for their annual Halloween Party. This past year I believe the theme was Egyptian and they even had CAMELS! One day I hope to snag a ticket to this event.


Another unique aspect of Jordan Winery is there rewards program.

Every dollar you spend at Jordan allows you to earn points that you can then redeem towards private tastings, parties and more.

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