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Joseph Swan

Updated: Jan 12


  • A massive, old door with heavy hardware greets you.

  • Must be import business happening behind such a formidable door.

  • Welcome to a down and dirty family owned winery.

  • The wine tasting aesthetics is rustic.

  • On a hot day the temperature inside the wine tasting/ barrel room is very pleasant.

  • No fancy large bar for tasting.

  • Sink into an intimate wine tasting space where wine barrels get top billing.

  • Gloves, hoses, brooms, are reminders that farming grapes is the noble mission at Joseph Swan.

  • Clearly if vines could talk, they’d share a proud history of this Russian River winery.

  • And the beautiful vines are there for your sightseeing pleasure when you stroll the property.



  • Tasting fee $10 for 6 wines.

  • Buy a bottle and fee is waived.

  • 25 varieties of wine ranging from $30- $70 range.


Appointment Needed?

  • Sat and Sun no appointment needed: 11:00-4:30pm.

  • F