July 2020: ✅Living ✅Loving ✅Learning

Hi Sweet Friend! 💗

Long time, no talk. It's been crickets over here on my blog. Have you happened to notice I gave my website a massive makeover?💁‍♀️ My site used to be pretty limited in what I talked about. Mostly living in wine country and wine. NOT ANYMORE!

A fabulous Joe drone pic! Taken around sunset time at Fallen Oak Ranch!

I'm throwing open my metaphorical 'website windows' and airing this website out.

Fresh air, fresh content and fresh perspectives.

I plan on talking about everything that I am...

✅Living ✅Loving ✅Learning and ✅Launching!

As I type, I'm a little giddy. I JUST put on some Color Street pink nails. I'm typing on my mint keyboard. LOVING the mint + pink color combo💅🏻

Ok. Let's get into this.


  • I made a BIG life transition this past month. I jumped on board Weight Watchers...again. In 2019 I lost 15 lbs on WW😮 Unfortunately, I gained that weight back👎🏻 This month I decided to join again and fully commit💪🏻 Something about this time feels different. I'm not about losing weight quick or wanting to look like a celebrity or any other nonsense. Part of the shift came from financial success💵 Odd connection right? Well, I have been working REALLY hard behind the scenes trying to get my credit score up. Every week I track ALL of my finances. I monitor my credit cards like a hawk. I'm saving. At the beginning of July my credit card score shot up📈 I went from being in the yellow zone to now having a 700+ credit score number🙌🏻 I feel so accomplished, responsible and proud of myself. I applied the same logic to my weight. There is a healthy zone that doctors recommend based on height and weight. I am no where near that zone and want to get closer. I track my food and weight daily using the WW app📲 I started a podcast a few weeks back on my WW journey, and it has already BLOWN UP! 512 people are tuning in. In fact, there is a tab on my website that focuses just on my WW journey. You can learn more over there.

  • It's been nothing but pickles, pickles, zucchini, pickles, more pickles, zucchini and more pickles over here🥒 Joe has created a thriving garden at Fallen Oak Ranch👨🏻‍🌾 (his mom's property where he grew up, where we hope to get married someday, where we have an RV as a base while he renovates the property). I think his goal is to have 14 garden boxes🚜 This month we REALLY learned the importance of succession planting. YIKES! When you plant all the cucumbers and zucchinis at the same time you get all the harvest at the same time!😱 My mom has been our 'in house' refrigerator pickle expert. It started off a little rocky. We didn't know that pickles can get bitter😖 Pucker your mouth and spit it out kinda BITTER! Our first pickle batch had bitter cucumbers that we didn't taste test beforehand and we had to start over. Now, we are on a roll! Dill pickles and Bread & Butter pickles (click links for recipes). The entire fridge is filled with pickles. THANK GOODNESS they are a hit at the firehouse👨🏻‍🚒 Succession planting is all about spacing out your planting into 2 week increments. Next year we will plant a few cucumber plants and then WAIT before we plant more so we are not overwhelmed.


  • I can't stop RAVING about Clio Bars🤤 A new discovery in the month of July. They are these little bars that taste like cheesecake and are covered in chocolate🍫 Made with greek yogurt and packed with probiotics and only 6 points on WW for a decadent tasting dessert. I AM OBSESSED😍 I can get them at my grocery store, but I chose to order them straight from the Clio website. I may have to sign up for their monthly subscription service because they are THAT good📦

  • Walking! I am back at walking everyday and often twice a day🏅 For the last 4 months I have done indoor exercise videos and walked at Fallen Oak Ranch. I've been a bit afraid to walk Lexi in neighborhoods🚶🏼‍♀️ I just wasn't sure how many people are out and whether they adhered to wearing masks and social distancing. In July, I put back on my Apple Watch and started power walking the neighborhood. All is safe and good👌🏻 I try completing 3 miles in the morning and another 2 miles at night. Walking at the ranch is also glorious with all the surrounding vineyard views. With Weight Watchers, the more I move my body, the more fit points I receive. Fit Points help when I go over my daily point allowance. The other day I spotted two deer on my walk! FRESH AIR is soul food.

  • Joe's mom brought over some baby pumpkin starts🎃 to the ranch. I am SO EXCITED to grow a little pumpkin patch. Fall is my FAVORITE time of year🍁 We are also growing cantaloupe and watermelon. I am smitten with baby melons. They are the cutest gosh darn thing EVER!!!!!


  • This was the month I learned how to BBQ. We purchased a Traeger table top smoker grill for the Fallen Oak Ranch property. Much easier to cook outside, when the weather is nice, than inside a RV. While Joe works around the ranch, I am whipping up meals for us. My favorite thing to make on the new grill is 2 ingredient pizza dough! The crust gets SO crispy!

  • I'm learning to better pace myself. When Covid took over I wrote down several projects I wanted to work on around the house. The garage haunts me. It is often the dumping ground for everything we don't want in the house. Packed to the brim with stuff. It drives me CRAZY!!!! I like neat, orderly, easily accessible and clean. The old version of me would have set aside a day and tackled a project like the garage in one fell swoop. Often times this left me getting sick and wiped out. I'd work myself into the ground in order to get the job done and then be out of commission for a week after. My new plan is much easier on my health. I do 1 hour a day on any BIG house project. I split the big garage job up into sections. For one hour a day I focus on one section. I set my timer⏰ When that timer goes off, I stop. With Covid and not being able to really go anywhere and having all the time in the world to get a job done seems to be working.


🎉Coming up on August 1st I launch the Wine Country Wedding Earring Collection!👰🏼

A collection that honors my postponed wedding that was supposed to be on August 1st🥰

The entire collection is filled with symbolism: my relationship with Joe and the wedding we planned with friends and family. Each piece of jewelry in the collection has a special name, symbolism and significance to our relationship/wedding dream💍 If you made it to the end of this juicy blogpost, here's a sneak peek of the featured designs. ALWAYS limited quantities and most will sell-out. Set your alarm! August 1st the collection goes live on my this website! Click the earring tab.

I really enjoy connecting with you. A little love note update from me. I hope to do this type of post every month. A journal entry I can look back on.

Sending you love and good health!




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