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Kistler Vineyards

Updated: Jan 13

Recognize this glowing face in the picture below?

I adore my Instagram and now real life friend Kathy aka @vinstagrape We met for the first time at Kistler Vineyards. Such a treat to drink mouthwatering wine and chat about how Insta brought us together.


Kistler has arguably the best Chardonnay house in all the land. I should probably mention the elephant in the room…. I’ve very publicly admitted online that I am NOT a Chardonnay lover. Why in tarnation would I book an appointment where 4 Chardonnays are poured and only 1 Pinot? Well, I’ve grown up friends. The little fledgling wine baby has leaped out of her nest and is soaring. My palette has expanded. Over the past 81 days I’ve immersed myself in everything Sonoma County wines has to offer.


My wine preferences have evolved. Where I used to like light, airy, easy drinking wine I’m now finding such pleasure sipping wines of incredible depth, balance, and layers upon layers of complexity. Kistler is one of those shining wine memories. A tasting experience where, as a wine drinker, you feel like you’ve truly arrived. Kistler sits on a gorgeous property in Forestville. A luxury tasting experience. 360 degree views. Looking out every window is like gazing onto an exquisite piece of vineyard art.