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Kivelstadt Cellars

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Chosen as one of the TOP ‘Where The Cool Kids’ go to wine taste by Sonoma Magazine. I’m not particularly a ‘cool kid’.

Much more in the quirky kid category.


Despite my insecurities about not being cool enough for some of the wineries I visit…I try to go into every winery with an open mind and a confident spirit. Located in cute little Glen Ellen. A tasting room that offers wine on tap and bottled wine. In fact… The owner and winemaker is the mastermind behind wine kegs and wine on tap in the U.S. I went home with a wine growler! Popped it open and shared with my friends.


Here are some more fun facts:

Launched in 2007 under the leadership of Jordan Kivelstadt.

Making “old world” wine is Jordan’s creative outlet.

He honed his winemaking skills in Argentina, Chile, Australia, and California.


Kivelstadt wines challenge the status quo of traditional California wines.

The small tasting room has a friendly, laid back vibe

On the walls is a gallery of large canvas art pieces,

Big versions of the interesting, creative wine labels.


In fact they have a very interesting way of serving your wine tasting flight.

Coasters are put out in a line and each coaster has a different ‘Canterbury Tales’ type image that matches the wine labels.

Each illustration is rooted in family history and tales of family lore.


Your wine glass moves down the line of coasters to correspond to the bottle of wine you’re drinking. A description of the wine is on the back of the coaster.

People come for the good wine, fun food and music events.

Open Thursday – Monday 2:00 pm to 5:00pm

Flights $15-$20 offering both red and white wine.

Rhone style white, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel, Rose, and “orange” wine, Mourvedre, estate Syrah

Jordan works a day job as CEO of Free Flow Wines, which he founded.


Free Flow Wines is a company that promotes wine on tap.

He brings the Free Flow Wine technology to Kivelstadt Cellars.

Or as he likes to say: He brings the brewery vibe into the hoity toity wine tasting experience.


He breaks the mold of traditional Sonoma County wine making.

Wine tasting from a tap offers a new tasting experience.

Environmentally friendly packaging, no waste.


Take your wine home in a reusable growler or in a traditional corked bottle.

Wine spoilage is less likely because it is stored in a keg.

Tasting happens straight out of wine keg!

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