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Kosta Browne

Updated: Jan 13

I stepped inside the Kosta Browne winemaking fortress. For the first time in history mailing list members will have access to the highly exclusive Kosta Browne select wines and now a new tour. On August 9th 2018 Kosta Browne launched ‘Tastings In The Gallery’. I had a sneak peak. Kosta Browne helped put luxury Pinot Noir from Sonoma County on the map. Certainly a top contender of America’s most coveted Pinot list. Pinot Noir at it’s ultimate finest.


Although Kosta Browne does not believe in wine perfection, they do believe that in the search for Pinot perfection you find excellence. This brand new tasting experience takes you behind the gate and into the Kosta Browne courtyard (right by Sebastopol’s Barlow for geographic reference). Kosta Browne’s courtyard and property reminds me a bit of a Google Or Apple Campus from Silicon Valley.


Pristine, clean lines, manicured, Kosta Browne employees walking across the courtyard mid-chat, a down-to-earth vibe. I’m blown away by the transparency of the tour. Kosta Browne has always focused on the wine. Quality wine. This tour is no different. The brand new Tasting Gallery looks right down on wine production. Want in? Reach out to Open to everyone on the mailing list with advanced booking Tuesday-Saturday.


Here is more important info for ya:

Located In the Barlow, a Sebastopol destination spot.

The Barlow was formerly an apple orchard processing warehouse.

Now a tastefully transformed marketplace of all things artisan and handcrafted.


Kosta Browne is hidden discreetly behind a gate.

At the north end of the Barlow complex.

A small, nondescript signage greets guests who have an appointment.

Open Monday through Saturday



Make reservations several months in advance.

All things wonderful await behind the gate.

Park your car in the large, sleek, corporate-like courtyard.

Buildings surround you on three sides.


A mecca for premiere Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Known world wide for highly limited single vineyard wines.

Graps are sourced from Sonoma Coast, Russian River Valley, and Santa Lucia Highlands.

Anderson Valley’s Cerise Vineyard, Gap’s Crown, Kanzler, Kiefer, Giusti, Kopien, Cohn (one of the oldest Pinot Noir Vineyards in Sonoma County), Pisoni…


30,000 members await the release of the coveted wines.

“Gallery Tastings”:


$125 for anyone who signs up for their mailing list.

$75 for active members.


Note: One must wait one to two years to move into the active member status.

“The Gallery” is a tasting lounge in a second floor suite.