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Moshin Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



  • California-picnic-wine-casual is how I’d describe the ambiance of this winery.

  • Very down to earth vibe.

  • A spectacular metal hummingbird sculpture is at the winery entrance and designed by Sonoma County’s famous junk art creator, Patrick Amiot.

  • Hummingbirds are one of my spiritual animal totems.

  • Whenever I spot a hummingbird I think it’s a good luck sign.

  • The message of the hummingbird is: seek the sweetest nectar. They remind us to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.

  • In 1989, when the vineyard was purchased, it was overgrown with wildflowers and hummingbirds were everywhere!

  • Don’t be surprised if on a visit you spot hummingbirds buzzing around.

  • You’ll also spot a hummingbird on the label of Moshin wines.



  • $15 Per Person for a tasting.

  • Tasting fee is waved with a wine purchase.

  • Wines range from $25 to $75 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • Walk-ins ok.

  • Open daily, 11:00 am-4:30pm

Wine Pick

  • I went for the 2014, Pinot Noir, Rosalina Vineyard from the Russian River Valley.

  • Why did I go for this particular bottle?

  • The name Rosalina. I instantly thought of my mom, Rosalie.

  • I think her name is beautiful, but it seems NO ONE is ever named Rosalie.

  • I thought she’d get a kick out of the name. I’ll share this bottle with her for a special mother-daughter occasion.

  • I also chatted with Richard Milkovich the grower.

  • He named the vineyard Rosalina in honor of his mother, Rosalie, and his Grandma, Gina. He blended the two names to make Rosalina.

Dog Approved

  • Yes!

  • Your dog could join you for a little picnic out on the benches while you sip wine.


Social Media Worthy

  • Right by the tasting room door is a wing sculpture.

  • I see fashionista instagramers taking pics in front of colorful mural wings in LA.

  • Well, here in WINE COUNTRY, we have fabulous sculpture wings!

  • Lots of great insta worthy wine pics need to happen in this special spot.

  • See above a pic of Rick and Amber Moshin in front of the wing!

Feel Good Vibes

  • I’m a sucker for smoked salmon.

  • One of my FAVORITE breakfasts is smoke salmon on avocado toast, or smoked salmon with my scrambled eggs, or smoke salmon on it’s own with capers.

  • Well, Rick Moshin, OWNER and winemaker, smokes his own mouth watering salmon!

  • Hummingbirds, plus award winning PINOT, PLUS SALMON!!!!

  • I tried some of Rick’s salmon.

  • Apparently, he has quite the reputation for being a smoked salmon expert.

  • He smokes salmon using PINOT VINES. Salmon infused with pinot essence.

  • For pick-up parties and industry parties, Rick rolls out his smoked salmon on large platters. Within seconds the salmon has vanished.

  • It’s a great sign when a winemaker cooks with passion.


Wine Nerd Facts

  • Visiting Moshin, I learned all about Gravity Flow.

  • Gravity flow is the gentle process of moving wine through the winemaking process.

  • Rick, a former San Jose State math instructor, talked me through the process of Gravity Flow.

  • 4 tiers built on a slope.

  • Wine moves from Crush, then falls into tanks below, then free-run and pressed wine is drained into tanks, next into barrels, then into bottles, and finally into YOUR MOUTH.

  • Without Gravity Flow, an entire winery operation is on one floor.

  • Moving the wine without Gravity Flow from a crusher, to a press, to a tank or barrel requires pumps, conveyors and other such machines.

  • This means using LOTS of force.

  • The fear of using excessive force is producing a wine that becomes tannic, has too much oxidation, or just tastes overly harsh.

  • Gravity Flow works best with the delicate and thin-skinned Pinot Noir grape.

  • Taking a tour of their gravity flow facility is a super fascinating experience.


Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • Rick’s smoked salmon ALONE gives me a solid reason to want to join the wine club and be at all the pick up parties.

  • They also do an Annual Summer BBQ where Rick takes you out on a vineyard to walk to the top of Rosalina Vineyard. Wine club members get a discounted ticket.

  • I want all the bottles of hummingbird wine! Ship them to me!


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • Be like a hummingbird.

  • The hummingbird brain might be the size of a pea, BUT they remember EXACTLY where they found their most delicious nectar meals from the day before.

  • I won’t forget Moshin. It’s marked on my must visit tasting room map.

  • Hummingbirds reach deep into flowers with a long thin tongue and lap up sweet nectar.

  • Get your nose and tongue deep into Moshin wines. You won’t regret it.

  • No wonder hummingbirds flock to this place. They are on to something.

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