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Mounts Family Winery

Updated: Jan 12



  • Down home.

  • I can’t quite put my finger on why this place reminds me of Oregon.

  • Oregon is my happy place.

  • My mom is the oldest of 7 siblings and all my aunts, uncles and cousins live in Oregon. We drive to Oregon at least once a year.

  • When I arrived at Mounts, I felt like I was at a winery in Oregon.

  • Maybe it was the green rolling Dry Creek Valley hills that reminded me of the emerald green Oregon landscape.

  • Maybe it was the vintage truck that reminded me of something my Cousin Drew would tinker on in his garage.

  • Maybe it was Richard Mounts blue overhauls. My Grandpa’s farmer friend wore the same type overhauls.

  • Maybe it’s the decorations at the winery. So cute! Mounts Winery decor gives me this rustic, Hobby Lobby, Pinterest, Joanna Gains from Fixer Upper type feel. Reminds me of my Aunt Rene and how she adorably decorates her house.

  • Maybe it’s the fact that the winery is 3 generations family owned. My Oregon family is also so tight knit.

  • Regardless, the ambiance of this winery is like visiting family, visiting best friends.

  • I talked to Lana Mounts and felt like I had known her for years.

  • There’s that catch phrase from Shane Company commercials, “Now YOU have a friend in the diamond business.”

  • I feel that should apply to Mounts: “Now you have a friend in the wine business.”



  • $10 Per Person for a tasting.

  • Tasting fee is waived with a wine purchase.

  • Wines range from $30 to $45 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • Open Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm-4:00pm

  • Appointment needed Monday-Friday

  • I visited for Passport To Dry Creek event. I would love to go back and have more of a private wine tour experience.

Wine Pick

  • Mounts 2015 Grenache.

Dog Approved

  • Yes!

  • It’s a family owned farm; of course there are winery dogs frollicking around!


Social Media Worthy

  • Loads of cute photo ops.

  • Snap pics over by the tree filled with hanging picture frames.

  • Snap pics with the Dry Creek Valley View in the background.


Feel Good Vibes

  • A treasure.

  • To stumble upon a TRUE working family farm in Sonoma County is a rare gift.

  • Mounts Winery showcases a long line of heritage and history.

  • From raising sheep and farming prunes in 1946, to planting grapes in the 60’s, to now 90 acres of planted vineyards…this winery has evolved with heart and soul.