My 2019 Vision

Besides the picture you see in the bottom left corner.

The woman's hoo-hoo with the flowers.

Ya, won't be explaining that.🙈

Let's dig into the symbolic meaning of my:

2019 Soul Collage/Vision Board.

Background Info

Last weekend I trekked to my old San Jose stomping grounds.

My friend Joy was hosting a Vision Board collage party.

Besides wanting to see my sweet friends, I also knew...

The party would force me to reflect and think about the New Year.

Now, my girl, Joy, offers a new perspective on vision boards.

Instead of cutting-out images that society deems as goals everyone 'should' achieve.

Pictures of:

A fit body (Goal: Lose weight)

Fruits and vegetables (Goal: Eat Healthy)

A car (Goal: Make money and upgrade)

Vacation spots (Goal: Go on vacations and make FB friends jealous)

Images that might make us feel inadequate.

Joy's method is a gentler Soul Collage approach.

Flip through magazines and when you're drawn to an image.....

Me gluing my collage together!


Rip that image out!

Pull out images that capture your attention.

Flip through the images collected like a deck of cards.

Start a 'No' pile and a 'Yes' pile.

As you flip through your images, it's a split second decision.

If your heart says 'HECK YES' to the image, it lands in the YES pile.

If you hesitate or your energy drops... it's a NO pile image.

Glue images on your vision board.

Next step, analyze.

Look for any symbolism and messages the universe is trying to send you.

My 2019 collage has been sitting in my office.

I'm ready to dig a little deeper and uncover my 2019 vision.


Oshun Power:

There is a lot of diversity on my collage.

Several confident, vivacious, stylish, African American Women.

I think I know why.

At the very tail end of 2018 I was introduced to Goddess Oshun at a Goddess Craft Fair in Sebastopol.

I approached a booth and picked up a citrine ring and a perfume to purchase.

I learned that both my citrine ring and the perfume were created in the image and essence of goddess, Oshun.

Oshun reigns over love, intimacy, beauty, and wealth.

She is known as the river goddess in the Yoruba religion of West Africa.

Oshun is represented as a tall and gorgeous woman who adorns herself in gold, yellow, and jewelry.

My Oshun Alter in my office

When the lady at the craft fair found out about my cork jewelry making biz...

She said goddess Oshun would LOVE my new venture.

She taught me how to call upon Oshun.

How to setup an alter for her in my office.

Oshun's sparkly, captivating, feminine, soulful, powerful and mysterious energy is all over my collage.

I have a feeling Oshun is my guiding light in 2019.

Animal Symbolism:


The leopard is the healer of deep wounds.

The leopard reclaims lost power.

Leopard's message is to accept your spots and use them as your strengths! Leopards remind us to have persistence in attaining our goals.

I healed a lot of ancestral wounds/spots in 2018.

Digging into my father's lineage.

Confronting the alcoholism that runs deep on that side of the family.

Shifting the perspective of my ancestral spots.

Although there was alcoholism, there was good too.

Every man on that side of the family had demons.

Men who lost their childlike essence early on.

Men who always wished they could be more and achieve more.

I believe that I can heal my ancestral roots by pursuing my creative endeavors, keeping my childlike passion/curiosity, and having joy in my life.

(P.S. It's no wonder my leopard print earrings are the most popular in my Cork Earring shop)

After all the work I did in 2018 to heal these wounds,

2019 is my year to feel freedom.


The elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, and protection and blesses ALL NEW PROJECTS!!!!

I will call on the elephant energy more this year as I navigate building my earring business and continuing to grow and foster my Sonoma Wine Life Community.


The horse brings new journeys.

The horse will teach me to ride into new directions and discover my FREEDOM and POWER. The horse will symbolically carry me to my destiny knowing the hidden and secret passages.

Images I'm Drawn To In My Collage:

The boot smashing the mirror.

The boot is powerful and sturdy and protected.

The glass is perfection, the way I see myself reflected back to me.

Smashing through my perceptions and judgments about myself with strength.

Circular diamonds and White Dresses

I'll say it. Put it out in the universe.

I desire to be engaged and I think I'm finally ready to get married.

I desire to have an engagement ring on my finger.

To look down and see a diamond. My birth stone.

To have a symbolic piece of jewelry on my finger that connects me to someone whom I love.

Feminine Baptism

At the bottom of my collage there is a woman with her head emerging from water.

I see this as a baptism into female power.

2017/2018 were the years I explored what feminine energy embodies for me.

How feminine power is taking care of myself physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally.

It's my feminine responsibility to listen to my heart.

To see the world through the eyes of a healed heart.

Slow down and reflect on what triggers me.

Soften. Smoothe out my harsh edges.

Settle into a more sensuous, present moment, and absorb the pleasures around me.

I want to continue my feminine evolution in 2019

Mouth Imagery

Biting into a watermelon, elephants kissing, glitter lips, huge smiles and smirks.

I did recently start a new venture called Wine Country Makeup.

A journey where I share my love for everything beauty...

in particular makeup from a company called SeneGence.

SeneGence is known for their long-lasting lipstick LipSense.

Gorgeous colors that do not budge and last all day.

I want to help connect women to these makeup products that have changed the way I look at makeup.

My mouth talks a lot on Instagram Stories lol.

Wearing a beautiful lip color that doesn't get on my teeth...

gives me tremendous confidence!


The word Tender is on my collage.

My word for 2019

Showing gentleness, concern, sympathy.

I have a hard time being tender with myself.

Pushing myself to work, go, my default mode.

I think working on my self-talk in 2019 and shifting my self-talk to more tenderness is a goal.

Sunset Getaway

I desire more overnight and weekend trips to local hotels and nearby mini-roadtrips.

Luxury hotels, getaways to cozy escapes, a glass of wine and watching the sunset.

Sounds glorious!

Walking Towards Energy

In my collage the energy is very...

Women walking forward.

I see walking hand in hand.

A confident walk.

A joyful celebration walk.

A tranquil walk.

2019 is the year to bring awareness to my walking journey.

When I walk in a room, walk into a day...

What energy and essence surrounds me?

What is my walking vibe?

Towards the end of 2018 I stopped my weekly walks.

I want to get back to that slowly but surely.

I do feel like I'm walking towards new, exciting and prosperous endeavors.


Is there something in my collage that you see that I missed?

Please help me shed light on my 2019 year ahead.

Let me know in the comments.


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