Olive Picking and Castle Crashing

I failed you. I apologize.

There was zip, zero, zilch, nada blog posts in December.

By the time Christmas ended, I was swooped into the New Year and then dragged down by the flu.

So, here we are, I'm going to combine Dec 2017 happenings with Jan 2018. Is that ok?

We better hurry up and get on with it because we have lots of juicy stuff to chat about.

Life in wine country was particularly cozy this past December.

My man experimented with holiday cocktail creations.

His best concoction was this hot chocolate mixed with peppermint schnapps yumminess. He added a little grated chocolate on top. Fancy.

I like my hot toddies served with a side of sleeping dog and a Christmas tree twinkling.

Wouldn't this drink be great for Valentine's Day too?

When I'm not curled up on the couch and cozy at home, I'm......

driving around Sonoma County.

I have several new Social Media coaching clients.

I meet with these clients for one-on-one sessions. I teach them everything I know about Social Media success. I run diagnostic tests of their website, email list, Instagram, Facebook to see the health of their social accounts.

With my findings, I individualize training sessions specific to their unique business needs.

One client might be working on how to schedule posts, another live video tips, another insta stories strategies, another wants to gain more Instagram followers.

I'm all about empowering small businesses to take the lead on their social media.

Tara Bella Winery is a favorite client.

I drank their cabs all during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner. Unbelievably delicious.

Guess what else I served during Christmas that blew everyone away????


Olive oil that came from olives I actually picked!

My friend, Katie, a reoccurring character here on the blog, anyways... Katie ALWAYS has a fun idea up her sleeve. She is also VERY WELL connected here in wine country.

She decided to pick olives and then bring our pickin's to Trattore Winery and Farms.

Did you know that Trattore presses your olives into olive oil????

We ended up with a gallon of the most pure, buttery, smooth, mouth watering olive oil.

I made a video of my olive oil picking excursion. Check it out here!

On a completely different note, have you watched the show, Gilmore Girls?

Don't like the show? Skip ahead.

Like the show? ME TOO!

Guess WHAT?!?!?!?! I discovered that Lorelai's 'Dragonfly Inn' EXISTS HERE in Sonoma County!!!!

I went on a B & B tour of Healdsburg. The Calderwood Inn was one of the stops. The Calderwood reminds me exactly of what I picture the Dragonfly Inn to look like: Victorian style house vibes, lots of wood banisters and paneling, and freshly baked cookies in the parlor just like Sookie would make.

Get this!

Not only does Sonoma County have The Dragonfly Inn we also have the Gilmore MANSION!!!

Can you picture Richard and Emily Gilmore living here?

This is actually Ledson Winery. An absolutely jaw dropping castle of a winery.

I went here for my mom's birthday in December. You can order lunch and taste wines while eating by the fireplace.

Remember that cocktail making man I talked about earlier on?

Well, here he is.

This pic encapsulates our entire relationship.

He's poking, tickling, teasing, and doing whatever he can to make me laugh.

And I'm laughing. Laughing a lot.

This kid keeps me light hearted and playful.

Because of him, I had the opportunity to do a lot of fun stuff this holiday season like...

Seeing Union Square all lit up. AND....

He scored some tickets to the Star Wars movie premier AT Lucas Films HEADQUARTERS in SF!!!!

My best Star Wars OBSESSED gal pals came along with us.

He also brought his wonderful family into my life.

Here we are on Christmas Day. They are kind, welcoming, and lovely people.

The two of us rang in the New Year at John & Zekes, our good ol' downtown dive bar.

I haven't had someone to kiss on New Years Eve, besides my dog, for 3 years? 4 years? Yikes!!!

There's nothing wrong with smooching a dog on New Years.

Here's my pup in all her doggy cuteness.

Her dog toy never leaves her side.

They'll sit and watch all the action at the park across the street.

December and January were months of FIRSTS.

My first time visiting Lash Lady Studio in Sebastopol and getting long, pointy, sparkly, UNICORN NAILS!!!

I made a video of my experience HERE.

It was also my first time...

Trying an acaí bowl over at The Nectary in Healdsburg. Loved it!

(STAY TUNED!!!! I'm filming a 'Healthy Places To Go In Sonoma County' Video)


I'm a brand new member of my town's Soroptimist Club.

I run their Social Media.

Being of service to my local community is important, and I like the club's focus: empowering women and girls.

Another first...

Posting more photos of ME on Instagram.

I used to just post pics of food, wine bottles, scenery. NEVER me.

That all changed in December.

I was afraid my Insta followers would get bored seeing me. Not the case at all. IN FACT!!!!

My most highly engaged posts are the photos of ME. This pic almost has 400 likes!!! Say what?!?!?

I'm super blessed to have friends, family and boyfriend who fully support my Sonoma Wine Life adventures.

They help me pose and take photos for my insta.

During Winter Wineland, my friend, Chrissy, grabbed this little onesie at a winery.

"Here" she said. "Hold this up and make a baby face. I'll take a pic and you can post it on your Instagram."

I started CRACKING up as she started showing me examples of 'disgruntled baby faces' .

Needless to say this pic didn't make the Instagram cut, but you gotta love her enthusiasm!

Here are my girls, Katie and Chrissy.

We live in Wine Country and RARELY go wine tasting. Having us all together for a tasting day is a treat.

I've saved the best for last.

This exact time last year I met my man on the dating app, Bumble.

On January 26th 2017 we went on our first date.

This past weekend we took a little getaway to Santa Cruz to celebrate our 1 year Anniversary.

We ordered the same cheese plate we had on our first date.

We stayed at his family's Santa Cruz condo for three nights.

On Sunday morning my soul sisters and their boyfriends arrived to spend the day with us.

The crazy part is...this time last year two of us were single and one of us was in a brand new relationship.

NOW here we all are!!! With our men. Hanging out. Lots of laughs. Everyone getting along.

We couldn't stop pinching ourselves.

FOR YEARS we have all been single. YEARS! What a difference a year makes.

Ha! The best part of the day was playing the 'Watch ya Mouth' game.

Have you heard of it?

You put a cumbersome mouthpiece in and then try to read words on a card. These words are EXTREMELY difficult to say. Lots of words with 'b' and 'm' sounds. Hysterical!

Time to wrap this up.

I'll leave you with a glorious wine country sunset.

I'll see you March 1st for another chat!




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