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Pangloss Cellars

Updated: Jan 17

It’s really hard not to have a teachers…errrr…I mean tasting room ‘pet’. Daily I get asked, ‘Which Sonoma County winery is your favorite?


You HAVE to have a favorite! I do! You caught me wine stained handed. I have a small handful of top, top, TOP favs. Some of you are master detectives. You read between my lines and tell when I’m completely enthralled over a winery. Pangloss I’m in love. I’m in love like… swirling my glass and pondering…would it be weird to name a future child Pangloss kinda love. First, the wines were on point.


Chenin Blanc, Rosé, Pinot, Zin, Cab….so many varietals. All smooth. All wine sirens seducing me to swirl, sip and savor every last drop. Second, the ambiance and tasting room aesthetic is what I want to be in life. Right on the square in downtown Sonoma. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle. Cobblestone type walls. Vaulted redwood ceilings. A wine bottle wall display behind the bar, candles, fireplace… My cat rolls around on her back with her fluffy belly sticking out marking her territory around the house. I wanted to roll around Pangloss… Roll all around the hardwood floor, the upholstered luxe couches, the granite bar countertop.


I’m weird. We know this. Such sexy interior design. Food!

An in house chef creates swoon worthy wine and food pairings.