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Paul Mathew Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12


  • Located in quaint Graton.

  • Compared to touristy Healdsburg, sometimes Graton can get overshadowed.

  • Graton is a TREASURE! Not to be missed.

  • A one road downtown that attracts antique shoppers, foodies, artists and of course wine buffs.

  • Stroll on the main drag and you’ll find the friendly Paul Mathew Tasting room.

  • Barb and Mat Gustafson, proprietors, are often at the tasting room ready to share their love of organic winemaking, food pairing, and stories, and wine that will have you coming back for more.

  • Grab some eats at Willow Wood Market Cafe just up the road.

  • Then, head to the tasting room.

  • Paul Mathew tasting room has a lovely backyard patio.

  • Picnic tables, a fountain, covered umbrellas, and wine tasting make for a perfect day.



  • $15 for a tasting.

  • Tasting fee waived with wine purchase.

  • Wines range from $28 to $50 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • No appointment needed.

  • Open Thursday-Sunday

  • 10:30am-4:30pm

  • Barb is always in the tasting room and Mat, winemaker, comes in on weekends.