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Pech Merle

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • Right in the heart of cozy, quaint and out of a Hallmark movie downtown Geyserville.

  • Tasting room decor will intrigue you. A mix of repurposed, meets vintage, meets Craigslist treasures, meets metal yard, meets salvaged, meets up-cycled chic, meets super eclectic decor.

  • An inviting back patio is where you sip wine in the sunshine.

  • If the cast of Friends hung-out at a tasting room, INSTEAD of the Central Perk coffee shop….. I could totally see them at Pech Merle.



  • $15 Per Person for a tasting.

  • Tasting fee is waved with purchase of a bottle.

  • Buy a bottle to bring to lunch or dinner at delicious Geyserville restaurant, Catellis or Diavola and your corkage fee is waived!

Appointment Needed? 

  • Nope. Just walk in.

  • If you have large group, call ahead. Common tasting room courtesy.

  • Open for tasting 7 days a week, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

Wine Pick

  • 2016 Dry Creek Sauvignon Blanc

  • Referred to as a ‘vacation in a bottle’. Take me away!

Dog Approved

  • SUPER dog friendly.

  • In fact they are SO dog friendly that every year they have a popular ‘Yappy Hour’ event called Pech Merle Pups & Pinot. Money is raised to benefit Green Dog Rescue. Yummy bites are served up for humans and special treats for doggies! They even have a Pech Pup CALENDAR CONTEST! Your dog could be one of the 12 winners and have their very own month in the calendar.

  • Below is a pic of their tasting room ‘doggy station’. Treats and toys ready for when you visit with your dog.


Social Media Worthy

  • The owner found a ski lift for sale on Craigslist while in Tahoe. Naturally, he snatched up the lift and anchored it to the tasting room ceiling.

  • A perfect Insta worthy photo backdrop.


Feel Good Vibes

  • Sometimes I leave a winery and have to dust off the pretentiousness. That super corporate, amusement park feel sucks the winemaking romanticism right out of my experience.

  • Not at Pech Merle. It feels good drinking wines that honor what I love most: fun, family, dogs, laid back vibes, events, and local pride.

  • Plus, the proprietors have been married for 30 years! I didn’t get to meet Bruce and Cheryl Lawton in person, but I get this sense they are solid. A sweet couple. I sure hope their wine is infused with some of their long lasting marriage magic.

  • I admit that I stalked Pech Merle’s instagram. I’m drawn to Cheryl! She wears these adorable hats in photos and has this great sense of CA style. She’s giving me Meryl Streep mixed with Diane Keaton and throw in some Christie Brinkley beauty vibes. I think I may want to be her!

  • They also sound like tree people. I connect with tree people. There is a 300 year old Heritage Oak on the winery property that is 77 feet high! They have great respect for this monument of a tree.

Wine Nerd Facts

  • Who knew wine labels could make the COOLEST coffee tables?!?!

  • Wine nerds tend to collect corks. Corks are so last year. Collect labels instead!

  • Then, decoupage them on a Goodwill cheap coffee table find. BRILLIANT!


Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • I am seriously considering joining the wine club.

  • The wines are amazing and the events look like a blast!

  • Several pick-up parties throughout the year.

  • A Lobster Party that sells out.

  • A PAELLA event! Yum!

  • Wine Club members get discounts on event ticket prices.

  • And hello, if I was a wine club member I’d maybe get to hangout with CHERYL AND BRUCE!

 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • Drinking Pech Merle wine is like…liquefying the social media platform of Pinterest and pouring it into a glass.

  • Pinterest with it’s beautiful photos…crafts, home decor, recipe ideas all tantalizing at your creativity receptors.

  • One simple search on Pinterest and you’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Time vanishes and you are immersed in a land of creative possibility.

  • Anything is possible in your Pinterest dreams. Your dream house. Dream wedding. Dream party plan. Dream vacation.

  • Drinking Pech Merle wine is like drinking liquid creative possibilities.

  • One minute you are sipping on Sauv Blanc and transported via tastebud senses on a tropical vacation.

  • The next minute your senses sweep you away to foggy pinot land where you are eating black cherries under the earthy oak tree of the Peach Merle property.

  • Then, you have fallen into another Pinterest fantasy land where you are drinking Pech Merle Zin inside Cheryl and Bruce’s kitchen. Brisket is on the menu and you can’t believe…with each sip of Pech Merle wine… how lucky you are to have stumbled upon such a wine treasure that stands out amongst all the rest.

  • Now pin that to your Pinterest Board and drink it!

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