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Red Car Wine

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • Located in quirky Sebastopol in west Sonoma County.

  • Recently named Top “Hot Winery”!


  • A funky winery/tasting room with a cult following.

  • Definitely hipster meets retro chic.


  • A comfortable, hang loose feel.

  • A little bit vintage

  • A large neon sign for the old Compact Disc logo.

  • Bring an album and play it on the vintage record player.

  • Tasting daily 10am-5pm $20 pp for five small pours.

  • Fee waived with two bottle purchase.


  • Winemaking that brings the vineyard into the glass.

  • No manipulation added to change the virgin fruit.

  • The mark of the vineyard is very clearly experienced when you drink Red Car.

  • Example: Pinot Noir grapes of a specific vineyard grown just for their Rosé.

  • This means their Rosé is made in a very deliberate way.

  • Striving for a subtle, more acid, low alcohol, broad spectrum wines.

  • A West Sonoma Coast Burgundian style wine.


  • Committed to planet friendly, sustainable and organic grape production.

  • Wines: Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Syrah and Rose.

  • Average Price: $50-$80 range. The Rose is $28

  • In 2004 a couple of wine-loving LA buds purchased a Sonoma coast estate vineyard.

  • Carroll Kemp, and Mark Estrin, 15 years in the movie industry in LA in the 90’s.

  • Their first attempt, a Syrah, blended in their Beverly Hills garage.

  • Fast forward; they needed a winery name.


  • Red Car Winery Company is named after the LA trolley line that ran in the 1940’s.

  • Mark Estrin, a screenwriter, decided to write a novella, a portion of the story on each label.

  • The 2002 label begins with a married man obsessed with another woman.

  • Each subsequent label continued the story of dark, forbidden love.

  • They agreed that winemaking is storytelling.


  • Every year there is a new story at Red Car.

  • Red Car is my ABSOLUTE favorite rosé. As soon as Spring has sprung my mouth starts drooling for Red Car!

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