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Reeve Wines

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • Lewis and Clark adventure

  • That explorer feeling.

  • I thought I’d seen most of what Sonoma County has to offer…

  • Definitely not the case.

  • Turn off of Dry Creek Road.

  • Drive down a looooooooooooooooong oak tree lined path.

  • Giddy with anticipation.

  • Am I lost? This doesn’t seem right.

  • Arrive.

  • The magical wine tasting land of Reeve Wines.

  • I stepped out of my car, first reaction, awe.

  • I can’t believe this type of winery exists in Sonoma County?!?!?!

  • It’s so tucked away.

  • A wine tasting paradise filled with:

  • Vineyard views to reach out and touch.

  • Crazy goats and chickens.

  • A shaded European like terrace.

  • Decor and design straight out of Architectural Digest.

  • The most laid-back, attentive and knowledgeable staff.

  • I hate to be crass BUT…

  • This winery is a Pinterest/Instagram lovers wet dream:

  • Succulents

  • White and clean lines

  • Twinkle string lights

  • Exposed brick

  • Grand wooden doors

  • Marble bathroom countertop with gorgeous tile.

  • I need to stop.

  • I’m officially gushing ; ) WITH interior design/decor LOVE!

  • Oh, and I can’t forget the music!

  • Noah (winemaker and owner) along with his wife, Kelly (mastermind behind hospitality and experience) create the most epic Spotify Playlists.

  • Reeve Wines has their own mellow soundtrack.

  • I found myself Shazam-ing several songs.

  • Maybe one day they will share the link to the Reeve Wines Spotify playlist.

  • Music and wine are a perfect pairing.



  • $35 per a tasting.

  • This fee is NOT waived with wine purchase.

  • Keep in mind, this is a small production winery with exceptional wines.

  • Pay the tasting fee.

  • You will not be disappointed.

  • Tasting fee includes the most delectable charcuterie plate (more about that later)

  • Wines range from $30 to $85 per bottle.


Appointment Needed? 


  • Open seven days a week 11am-5:00pm

  • I can’t emphasize enough…

  • Think ahead and make an appointment.

  • Leave about an hour and a half during your day of wine tasting to really enjoy Reeve.

  • 5 wines to taste.

  • Ample pours.

  • The charcuterie plate had this mind-blowing, melt in your mouth, whipped ricotta yumminess.

  • Everything from the food to the wine is bright, elegant, and flawless.


Wine Pick

  • If money was no option, I would buy cases of the Reeve 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon.

  • At $85 a bottle, it is a bit out of my price range.

  • Heck, if money was no option I would buy every single wine I tasted.

  • The pinots were superb.

  • I went home with 2 bottles of 2017 Prism Riesling out of Mendocino County.

  • Riesling gets a bad reputation for being SUPER SWEET!

  • Not the case with Reeve’s more dry Riesling.

  • I NEVER think to drink Riesling.

  • Turns out it is very versatile food pairing wine.

  • Very herbacious.

  • Tropical layers with hints of papaya and guava.

  • 450 cases of this Riesling are produced.

  • All stainless steel and no oak.

  • Light and crisp.

  • Official summer drinking wine of 2018!


Dog Approved

  • Yes.

  • I get the sense you can bring your dog and sit on the patio.


Social Media Worthy

  • YES

  • No filters or super fancy edits needed.

  • Around every corner is a magazine worthy shot.


Feel Good Vibes

  • So many feel good vibes at Reeve.

  • First, the wine is named after their first born son, Reeve.

  • Adorable!

  • Second, Noah and Kelly are very committed to the local community.

  • As both a couple and as human beings they are incredibly grounded and giving.

  • After the recent Sonoma County fires, they went into helping mode.

  • Instantly, putting a fundraiser together.

  • Their goal was $20,000

  • The fundraiser picked up steam on social media.

  • $220,000 ended up being raised for Wine Country fire relief!


Wine Nerd Facts

  • I stumbled upon this video that I think showcases Noah, his winemaking philosophy and Reeve Wines perfectly!

  • Have a watch:

Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • I want to join Reeve’s wine club sooooooooooooooooo bad!

  • Reeve is committed to being a small production winery.

  • No grocery store or massive distribution.

  • Wine Club members have first dibs on coveted allocations.

  • Wine Club members have access to the Villa.

  • The Villa sits up on the property’s hillside and is a vacation rental.

  • 4 bedrooms, 3 bath, pool, wine cave, view of a lifetime, ultimate oasis!

  • A rustic wood burning oven is on property for lots of cooking explorations.

  • They recently hosted a wood burning taco event for the spring pickup party.

  • Follow Reeve on Facebook/Instagram to stay up to date on events.


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • Honestly, I don’t know if I’m cool enough for Reeve Wines.

  • I’ve tried my entire life to embody a more chill, casual, effortless, hip, Reeve-like vibe.

  • Instead, I’m always more of the quirky, neon pink, awkward, bull in a china shop kinda gal.

  • I question if Reeve is out of my league.

  • A hip brand that is everything I wish I could be but fall short.

  • There’s that hashtag I see going around: #relationshipgoals

  • The hashtag is used anytime a couple is captured doing something SO CUTE and totally Instagram worthy.

  • Maybe Reeve Wines is my #winegoals

  • Maybe for a brief second, when I drink and savor Reeve Wine, I can embody that piece of my soul that so desperately wants to be a cool kid.

  • Opening a bottle of Reeve Wines is completely satisfying.

  • All the guilt that I’m not a perfect yoga practitioner, vegan, daily meditating, green juice drinking human goes out the window.

  • For a moment in time…

  • When I share Reeve with my friends…

  • When I visit the Reeve magical place…

  • When I uncork a bottle…

  • I have arrived.

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