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Ridge Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12



  • When friends and family visit, I take them to Ridge.

  • When people from out of town ask me where to go wine tasting, I say Ridge.

  • Hands down.

  • Every time.

  • Ridge.

  • Why Ridge?

  • Ridge is a wine institution dating back to 1885.

  • In 1976 Ridge came in 5th among ten French and Californian wines at the Paris tasting which is now known as the Judgment of Paris.

  • Ridge is always beyond exceptional quality.

  • The tasting room may seem at first glance a little sterile.

  • I WILL say though that there are fascinating charts, maps and museum like artifacts in the tasting room to peruse. Their little wine museum paints the picture of early winemaking in Dry Creek Valley.

  • I suggest going to Ridge on a sunny day and sitting out on the patio!

  • Lots of comfy patio couches, shade, and vineyard views.

  • I find it grounding to sip Ridge wine and be in the presence of 115 year old vines!