Nope. Didn't want to watch it.

I stay away from tv shows that go viral. I'm also not a huge sci-fi fan.

Star Wars? Star Trek? Star BORING

You've probably pegged me for a Hallmark Channel kinda gal.

You're right. Much more my taste.

Here's the problem though:

I like chick flicks and my man likes football/zombie/dragon tv...

WHAT are we going to watch together?

I wasn't sold on the Stranger Things hype.

You know the feeling...

that feeling when you don't want to exercise, but then you force yourself to, and you feel AMAZING afterwards!!!!!

Pretty much me once Stranger Things sucked me in. Bravo Netflix!

In fact, as I write this, I'm listening to the Stranger Things intro music.

It's making me want to jump on a bike, pedal downtown, and look around for creepy stuff.

Creepy stuff like...

Food served in pokey SEA URCHIN SHELLS!

There's some strange food being served up at Geyserville Gun Club.

From the outside The Gun Club looks like just a small town bar. Not soooooo fast.

You soon DISCOVER this 'bar' is very unique.

They serve up crazy cocktail creations and they also serve up taste-bud exploding cuisine.

I highly recommend the spicy coconut curry ramen.

I'm not quite this adventurous when I cook, BUT I have to give myself massive credit this year.

I brined a 12lb turkey for Friendsgiving. I ALSO cooked this turkey on my smoker.

I did TWO turkey trial runs leading up to Friendsgiving.

My Mission: Don't mess-up the turkey.


Trial #2= Not as dry, but still lacking flavor.

On Friendsgiving Day the Turkey turned out....

DELICIOUSLY juicy and flavorful. Thank heavens!!!

I think it was on account of the flavor injections.

I ordered a meat injecting syringe off of Amazon.

Apparently, injecting a turkey is popular among the hard-core BBQ community.

I injected my turkey with a combo of hot sauce, butter, and apple juice.

This made such a flavor difference.

Here are a few more Friendsgiving WINS from this year:

Corn pudding is ALWAYS a massive win (recipe from Susan Branch below)

My man whipped up a 'Cranberry Mule' cocktail with sugared cranberries.

HUGE pre-feast cocktail win!

I also went plastic this year to save me LOADS of clean-up time.

Costco pulled through:

  • Plastic forks that look like actual silverware.

  • Plastic plates that look like actual china.

  • Plastic trays to serve all the food on.

  • Plastic cups

Who wants to clean dishes all night after cooking all day? Not me!

I'd rather be playing games with my guests. Games like: RIGHT-LEFT-CENTER.

Guests bring $10 in ones for the dice game, which gives you the option to play two rounds.

My friend, Tina, ended up winning BOTH TIMES!

I wish I had taken more pics of actual Thanksgiving Day. I think I have ONE!

My first ever Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot 5k!

In all seriousness though...

November was a 'throw calories out the window' month.

First there was the Friendsgiving FEAST.

Then, my sweet friend of 10+ years (we met my first year teaching back in 2006!) came to visit.

We drank WINE SLUSHIES over at Chateau Diana.

After Slushyland, we went to dinner at the Brass Rabbit in Healdsburg.

I've been eyeing this place and a friend coming to visit is a perfect excuse to try something new.

It was here that I had my first mouth watering taste of Beef Burgioun...

wait how do you spell that?

Hold on. Let me look it up.


who ever came up with that spelling was drunk

See what I mean, this November has been a month of pure INDULGENCE.

I'm on a strict 10,000 steps a day regimen!

Besides walking like a mad-woman,

what else happened this past November at my wine country cottage?

LuLu is always the sun goddess queen.

The Christmas tree went up before December 1st!

For the second year in a row I rode on the Wilson Winery float in the Geyserville Tractor Parade.

If this doesn't scream Hallmark Christmas Movie I don't know what does?!?!?!

Lastly, the holiday AMARYLLIS, NOT to be confused with the....

holiday ARMADILL-O

The amaryllis is a cheerful flower my mom loves this time of year! She picks them up at Safeway.

I've grown quite fond of this blooming beauty.

So this was MY November-------->2017.

I've enjoyed chatting with you.

What were you up to last month? I'd love to hear your November highlights.

We shall chat again at the end of December.

Sending you holiday LOVE!



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