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Talty Winery

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



  • On Yelp someone asked, ‘Could this be Dry Creek’s best kept secret?’

  • I think they are on to something.

  • I’m around a lot of locals.

  • I’m around a lot of wine industry peeps.

  • I’ve not heard one mention Talty Winery.

  • 100 Wineries In 100 Days is about exploring these types of ‘hidden’ treasure wineries.

  • Wineries I’ve never been to and wineries I can introduce my wine loving friends to.

  • Talty Winery gives you the warm and fuzzy wine tasting experience.

  • The driveway is looooong and straight.

  • On either side sprawls the 6 acre vineyard with 54 year old Zinfandel vines.

  • The cozy tasting room is inside the barrel room.

  • A very down to earth and at-one-with-the-winemaking-process kind of tasting room.

  • There is no time for a wine gift shop.

  • You can tell the main focus is making amazing wine.

  • Very family focused and friendly winery.




  • Wines are in the $40 price range.


Appointment Needed? 

  • Appointment needed Monday-Thursday.

  • Walk-ins ok Friday-Sunday from 12-4pm

Wine Pick

  • 2015 Ponzo Vineyard Zinfandel

  • Zinfandel is the main focus at Talty.

  • Do one thing and do it well.

  • If you want to experience Zin at its highest potential…

  • Then the wines at Talty will be a treat for you.

  • Low alcohol, super elegant and soft Zins.

  • A wine you can drink all day long!

Dog Approved

  • Not sure.

  • I know the family itself is dog friendly.

  • As for bringing your dog on premise call ahead.

  • This is Will Talty, Michael Talty’s (owner and winemaker) son, and his dog Rhone.


Social Media Worthy

  • The obvious choice is to take pics among the Talty vines.

  • They are just outside the tasting room.

  • Dry Creek Valley has the most beautiful green backdrop for photos.


Feel Good Vibes

  • How cute is THIS?!?!?

  • Father and Son.

  • Recreating a photo from in the Talty vineyards (see below).

  • Will Talty just graduated from Cal Poly with a degree in Viticulture and now he is in the wine business with dad.


  • I’m a Cal Poly graduate too!

  • Michael speaks very highly of the education Will got at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.

  • They have a very unique program.

  • It is under an ag business concentration,, but it deals with viticulture and winemaking.

  • He was in classes where he made wine, went out and pruned, and also wine marketing classes.

  • Michael is so proud of his son; he’s just beaming having him back at the winery.


Wine Nerd Facts

  • I was lucky enough to hang out and chat with Michael Talty for a bit.

  • I picked his brain.

  • Me: What’s your favorite part of being a winemaker?

  • Michael: Getting to make the wine I LOVE to drink. I also love that making wine is challenging. Every year Mother Nature keeps me on my toes. I never get in a rut. There is always something new and challenging in the wine making process when you are dealing with Mother Nature.

  • Me: What beer do you drink when you make wine?

  • Michael: Pacifico. I work in the vineyard myself. When I come out of the vineyard I’m not looking for a glass of wine. I need a cold beer.

Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • Talty wine is NOT sold in stores.

  • Sometimes you might find Talty at a local Sonoma County Restaurant.

  • Small production 1,500 cases.

  • If you are a devoted Zin drinker and..

  • You want Talty coveted Zin delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Join this wine club.


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I can’t get over the Cal Poly piece.

  • This wine will forever be special to me.

  • Talking to Michael.

  • Seeing him so proud and happy to be making wine next to his son.

  • Knowing there are Cal Poly roots.

  • One thing I regretted about going to Cal Poly was that we didn’t have an award winning, tail-gating, all encompassing college football team.

  • I see my cousins from Oregon and all their U of O DUCK Pride!

  • When I open my Talty Zin I’ll have my own little wine tail gate.

  • There is a special bond between people and their alma matter!

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