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Toad Hollow Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12


  • I’m already biased.

  • I fell for Toad Hollow Vineyards before I even tasted the wines. Why?

1) Growing up my mom was obsessed with frogs.  She was an 8th grade history teacher and her classroom was bright green.  Naturally, the mascot of her classroom became Kermit The Frog.  

2) My all time FAVORITE children’s books growing up and to this DAY is, ‘Frog and Toad’.  If you haven’t read these short little books you are missing out on utter hilarity.  Like when Toad wakes up and makes a list of things to do. “Wake up,” he writes, then immediately crosses it out. “I have done that,” he says.  Totally relatable.  

3) Favorite ride at Disneyland——> Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

  • While none of these stories have to do with the Toad Hollow Vineyards tasting room…the common factor is I LOVE WHIMSICAL TOADS!

  • Any winery with this type of mascot must be fun.

  • You instantly feel relaxed and light hearted entering this tasting room.

  • I sipped my wine, chatted with the incredibly friendly tasting room staff, and walked around chuckling at the toad artwork covering the walls.

  • Maureen Erickson, a dear friend of Frankie, the owner, is the kooky creatrix behind toad and all the posters, labels and merch in the tasting room.

  • There’s something about being surrounded by Maureen’s Toads, that feels delightful.

  • Somewhere down the line, wine tasting became super frou-frou and fancy-shmancy.

  • Being in this tasting room infused with fun and playfulness brings lightheartedness back to the wine tasting experience PLUS the wines aren’t too shabby either.



  • $8 Tasting Fee.

  • Waived with wine purchase.

  • Wines range in price from $13.99-$21.99

  • What a treat to find a winery that doesn’t break the bank!