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Toad Hollow Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • I’m already biased.

  • I fell for Toad Hollow Vineyards before I even tasted the wines. Why?

1) Growing up my mom was obsessed with frogs.  She was an 8th grade history teacher and her classroom was bright green.  Naturally, the mascot of her classroom became Kermit The Frog.  

2) My all time FAVORITE children’s books growing up and to this DAY is, ‘Frog and Toad’.  If you haven’t read these short little books you are missing out on utter hilarity.  Like when Toad wakes up and makes a list of things to do. “Wake up,” he writes, then immediately crosses it out. “I have done that,” he says.  Totally relatable.  

3) Favorite ride at Disneyland——> Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!

  • While none of these stories have to do with the Toad Hollow Vineyards tasting room…the common factor is I LOVE WHIMSICAL TOADS!

  • Any winery with this type of mascot must be fun.

  • You instantly feel relaxed and light hearted entering this tasting room.

  • I sipped my wine, chatted with the incredibly friendly tasting room staff, and walked around chuckling at the toad artwork covering the walls.

  • Maureen Erickson, a dear friend of Frankie, the owner, is the kooky creatrix behind toad and all the posters, labels and merch in the tasting room.

  • There’s something about being surrounded by Maureen’s Toads, that feels delightful.

  • Somewhere down the line, wine tasting became super frou-frou and fancy-shmancy.

  • Being in this tasting room infused with fun and playfulness brings lightheartedness back to the wine tasting experience PLUS the wines aren’t too shabby either.



  • $8 Tasting Fee.

  • Waived with wine purchase.

  • Wines range in price from $13.99-$21.99

  • What a treat to find a winery that doesn’t break the bank!

Appointment Needed? 

  • Nope. Just walk in.

  • Great place to stop in as you dine, shop, and enjoy quaint Healdsburg.

  • Open daily, 11:00 am-5:00 pm


Wine Pick

  • Risqué! Ooooooo-la-la!

  • I’m not typically a sparkling fan. I know, blasphemous right?!?!

  • I LOVED this wine.

  • I think because it is not bubble intense and has a low alcohol content.

  • Made in France and imported to Toad Hollow.

  • Never had anything quite like it.

  • Maybe it will be the bridge that gets me to love champagne.

  • This wine has a cult following!


Dog Approved

  • Nope.

  • Leave your dog at home for this one.

Social Media Worthy

  • Yes!

  • At this winery your Instagram pics could make you a WINNER.

  • Every September Toad Hollow has an Instagram Contest called, Fine Art Of Fall.

  • Take a pic of your favorite fall pastime and use the hashtag #thfineartoffall

  • The winning photo is turned into a poster designed by artist Maureen Erickson.

  • The poster is signed by both the artist and winery owner and sent to the winner.

  • I plan on participating this September!


Feel Good Vibes

  • Let’s see if you can follow this…my boyfriend’s coworkers WIFE, Kristina, works at Toad Hollow. Make sense?

  • Knowing that Kristina works here made my tasting experience at Toad Hollow extra special because she’s just as bubbly and fun as their sparkling wine.

  • Wine tastes better knowing employees LOVE where they work. I met several ladies in the tasting room who have been in their positions for years. There seems to be such a camaraderie and respect for Frankie the owner and her vision.

  • I also got a kick out of the wittiness and humor infused in every part of the wine.

  • The Brut Sparkling wine is called Amplexus.

  • Amplexus is when toads mate.

  • The artist, Maureen, came up with an artistic idea of how toads mate. See below the mating dance. As Kristina told me this story I was smiling from ear to ear.

  • Wine pairs so deliciously with a side of brilliant wit.

  • Oh, and if you go on their website HERE they have a soundbite of actual toad mating sounds!


Wine Nerd Facts

  • On the back of Toad Hollow bottles there is an approachable description of the wine.

  • Little icons break down exactly what you might taste, pairing ideas, grape location, and a bit about the wine making process.

  • Everyone can be a wine nerd with these easy to follow notes.


Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • Totally!

  • They send out a printed, brochure style newsletter to club members every shipment.

  • The newsletter is like reading a little magazine/newspaper from your favorite winery.

  • Filled with humor, an update on what’s happening in the vineyards, exciting winery news, and what events are coming up for the winery and Healdsburg.

  • PLUS an adorable recipe card with a cute little Maureen illustration.

  • Emails inundate my inbox that I NEVER read. This newsletter is such a nice personal touch.

  • I love that the entry level club member cost is so LOW!

  • I can be a wine club member for under $40 a shipment! Three bottles at $39.12?!?!?!

  • Toad Hollow also has an annual event every year called the ‘Summer Party At The Ranch’. Club members get in FREE!

  • Plus Toad Hollow makes a variety of wines and there is something for every palate.


Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • In some magical dimension I’d love to sit down and have a glass of wine with Dr. Toad.

  • I want to curl up in his little cottage tree house. Be fairy size for a day.

  • Have Toad pour me some 2016 Merlot while we sit by his crackling fire.

  • He’ll tell me about his toad adventures.

  • I’ll leave all the stress behind and just savor being in his fantasy land.

  • A land where wine is free flowing and fun is top priority.

  • I’ll nod off in Toad’s recliner and he’ll cover me in a blanket.

  • I won’t be sad when I wake and realize this was only a dream.

  • The lucky ones know that a portal to this fantasy land exists right in downtown Healdsburg.

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