Weekend Trips To See Mermaids In Sacramento

With all the heartbreaking 😢 news this week, I don't know about you, but I want to escape.

Escape, just for a bit, into a simpler, cozy, soothing world.

Escape with me. Escape into Sonoma Wine Life.

We have a birthday girl among us.

Lexi a.k.a Huuuuuuunnnyyy Buuuuuurrrr, turned three years old.

She's pretty much my entire world.

I can't believe three years ago...

I could barely get out of bed, barely walk, barely breathe

after my world was turned upside down by a breakup.

Lexi gave me a reason to rally. She was a 10 week old puppy at the time and needed me.

Three years later we're insperable.

She's the Hooch to my Turner.

The Otis to my Milo.

The Lassie to my... what was the kid's name?

I went ALL OUT for her birthday.

Mission: Spoil Lexi like a human and then post all about it on Facebook.

Would you PLEASE take a look at her face...priceless.

And while Lexi is my favorite spoiled dog, October has to be my favorite month of ALL the months.

The wind is picking up, colder mornings, pumpkin smells, anticipation of the holidays coming...

Here, in my Sonoma Cottage, I'm cooking up lots of beets.

Fall decor is slowly rolling out.

Crickets are landing on my pillow.

Wait what?!?!

How the heck did this cricket get inside my house?

I just have more pep in my step this time of year.

Pep that had me up at 5:00am in the morning last week to go on a harvest adventure with my sweet friend Katie.

Just two gals.

On a dusty, windy, bumpy road we went. Way out to Rockpile Vinyard.

We were hoping to catch Sonoma Harvest 2017 in action----->

Grapes being picked in the crisp, just after sunrise, morning air.

I swear harvest season casts a spell on everyone in sleepy Sonoma County Towns.

I'm under the spell of wanting to eat: comfort foods and

be out and about frolicking in weather that isn't 110 degrees outside.

A few pics from my recent harvest foodie adventure.

Dining over at Healdsburg's 'Cafe Lucía'. This dish just screams fall, right?

Portuguese Mac and cheese.

Imported Portuguese cheese and the restaurants own family linguicia recipe.

Excuse me while I drool just re-living the gooey-mess that was this dish.

And then, I went and ordered a whole fish. First whole fish of my life.

This fish and I had quite the battle.

Typically I don't like working for my food, but I took one for the team.

The team being my Sonoma Wine Life Instagram followers.

The foodie people want to see whole fish!!!

I figure I burned wayyyy more calories attempting to debone this fish than actually consuming calories...


Look closely. Doesn't the fish look like it's rolling its eyes at me? 👀

The day after this epic Portuguese meal I headed off to Sacramento for a one night mini-trip.

I attended the Fallen Firefighters Memorial.

A very moving ceremony honoring 30 firefighters in CA who passed away this year.

A firefighter salutes with his precious daughter by his side.

How sweet is her little dress and bow? I melt.

A lighter moment captured. Bagpipe SELFIE!

The more immersed I become in firefighter culture, thanks to the lad I'm dating, 😍😉 the more I'm in awe.

Firefighters, when gathered together, are the most

humble, selfless, dedicated, jolly and down to earth group of people ever.

After the service we hit the town.

Sacramento really is such a fun little road trip destination from Sonoma County.

Dinner at The Firehouse Restraunt in Old Town Sac.

This man is so good to me.

Taking me to a super fancy restaurant.

The kind of fancy restaurant where if you leave to go to the bathroom a waiter swoops in and folds your napkin.

The kinda fancy restaurant where you eat a champagne ice cream palate cleanser in between courses. 😳

I can't remember all the details. At this point I was in a food and wine haze.

I think a wheel barrel carted us out out of the restaurant, and we landed at the Dive Bar.

For years I've been wanting to go to The Dive Bar in Sac.


I was like 7 years old when Disney's 'Little Mermaid' was released.

Mermaid life was my entire life.

You walk in and right above the bar is a massive tank.

A merman and a mermaid gliding through the water. Pinch me.

I hope you enjoyed this little escape.

Let's chat soon. In a couple of weeks? We'll have another little catch up session.

Glad you stopped by.




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