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Why Cork Earrings?

Updated: May 17, 2021

A little behind the scenes look into my cork earring biz, and how I got started.

To start with...

I knew I wanted to offer a service that fit with Sonoma Wine Life.

Should I be a wine country chauffeur?

What about offering digital travel guides?

How abut helping people book trips to wine-country?

None of these ideas really took shape or super excited me.

I pressed pause on forcing an idea to come to me.

I tried to trust that creativity would spark at just the right time.

Now before we go on, you must know...

My love for earrings is massive.

Ever sense college I've been rocking BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL earrings.

A boring outfit instantly gets refreshed with a pop of earrings.

I'm personally a gold earring lover.

Big hoops are a yes!

I never leave the house without earrings.

My favorite pair of earrings were a pair of peacock teardrops.

I say 'were' because now I wear all cork.

Now here's where it gets juicy...

I was pouring wine at the popular event called, Taste Of Sonoma this past summer.

Side-note: Have you been?

Seriously this wine event is epic! A must attend.

Anyways, throughout the day people kept commenting on my peacock earrings.

If you look realllllly closely...see the peacocks?

At the very end of the day a group surrounded my tasting booth.

One guy was wearing a hat.

Come to find out it was a hat made of cork!

That's super cool I thought.

Another woman complimented me on my earrings.

She then proceeded to grab my hands.

Look me straight in the eye and said, very seriously,

"You should make earrings and sell them to women in wine country."</