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Why Cork Earrings?

Updated: May 17, 2021

A little behind the scenes look into my cork earring biz, and how I got started.

To start with...

I knew I wanted to offer a service that fit with Sonoma Wine Life.

Should I be a wine country chauffeur?

What about offering digital travel guides?

How abut helping people book trips to wine-country?

None of these ideas really took shape or super excited me.

I pressed pause on forcing an idea to come to me.

I tried to trust that creativity would spark at just the right time.

Now before we go on, you must know...

My love for earrings is massive.

Ever sense college I've been rocking BIG, BOLD, BEAUTIFUL earrings.

A boring outfit instantly gets refreshed with a pop of earrings.

I'm personally a gold earring lover.

Big hoops are a yes!

I never leave the house without earrings.

My favorite pair of earrings were a pair of peacock teardrops.

I say 'were' because now I wear all cork.

Now here's where it gets juicy...

I was pouring wine at the popular event called, Taste Of Sonoma this past summer.

Side-note: Have you been?

Seriously this wine event is epic! A must attend.

Anyways, throughout the day people kept commenting on my peacock earrings.

If you look realllllly closely...see the peacocks?

At the very end of the day a group surrounded my tasting booth.

One guy was wearing a hat.

Come to find out it was a hat made of cork!

That's super cool I thought.

Another woman complimented me on my earrings.

She then proceeded to grab my hands.

Look me straight in the eye and said, very seriously,

"You should make earrings and sell them to women in wine country."

I remember the little hairs on my arm stood straight up.

I looked around....

God? Are you channeling this woman to send me a message?!?!?!?

Driving home I called my mom.

I filled her in on the spooky earring prophecy.

Once home I jumped online.

That guy's hat was made of cork. Hmmmmmmm....

The woman was adamant about earrings. Hmmmmm...

Could I make cork.....cork.......EARRINGS?!?!?!?!

Pretty soon I was sketching designs.

I am by no means an artist. I know what I like and I just sketch away!

The following month I had several cork earring prototypes.

I started wearing them to wine events.

Each earring was inspired by a wine goddess in my life.

I thought about my friend's personalities.

Then I developed an earring design that matched her style.

I named these designs after beautiful wine goddess friends in my life.

Now mind you...

I never told anyone I was making cork earrings.

Not even my best friends.

Top secret.

I'd just wear them out in public to see if anyone would notice.

At the beginning of September, I wore 'The Katie' to a monthly wine dinner.

All my girlfriends were there.

This pic was from the dinner!

Soon they were complimenting me on my cute earrings.

I mentioned, "These are made of cork."


They were surprised and got up really close to investigate.

"I made them."


Now, they stepped back in shock.

You made them?

"They are named 'Katie', after you." I pointed to my friend Katie.

I swear jaws dropped.

A barrage of excitement and questions proceeded.

My girlfriends enthusiastically approved.

I deemed this night:

The night when my Cork Earrings became officially official.

And so here we are....

What I love about my cork adventure is how naturally and magically it has blossomed.

I had my first Cork Earring showcase at Wilson Winery for the Wine and Food Affair.

My FIRST earring showcase. My mom helping me.

I sold out of the 'Joy' within 1 hour.

It was surreal to see women buying my earrings and wearing them immediately.

I went home like an elf in Santa's workshop.

Making earrings like a mad woman.

Tina and Alysia Production Line

I LOVE every single minute of this journey.

I love working with cork.



Grounding and earthy it is.

I love how cork pairs beautifully with gold, vibrant colors, and any outfit.

I live and breathe cork now.

I am always daydreaming about new earring designs.

Seeing a woman smile, her energy elevate, her confidence get a boost when she puts on a pair of my earrings...

I beam with love.

I found my service.

Bring cork earrings to all the wine goddesses of the world!

I package each oder with loving care.

When you open your earrings I want you to feel...

Like it's your birthday, like it's a special treat day, like you are super loved!

Lexi, my chocolate lab love-bug approves of each order before it is shipped out!

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