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Armida Winery

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


  • Armida won North Bay Business Journal’s best Tasting Room in Sonoma County 2017.

  • I’m not surprised.

  • A gorgeous pond complete with a fountain.

  • Three picnic/patio areas.

  • Bocce ball courts.

  • Views of both the Russian River Valley and Dry Creek Valley.



  • A bit more expensive for a Sonoma County tasting at $20.

  • Tasting fee waived with wine purchase.

  • Wines ranges in price from $28 to $65 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • Nope!

  • Open every day from 11am-5pm


Wine Pick

  • I HAD to go for their cult classic, Poizin.

  • I was immediately drawn to the multicolored skull and crossbones bottles, dripping with colored wax and wooden coffin bottle holders.

  • Some of the Poizin bottles were even bedazzled and sparkly!

  • I was a little bit skeptical though….

  • Typically gimmicky wine is super sweet, high alcohol and lacking balance.

  • I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this Zin.

  • I’m also a witchy woman.

  • I love dabbling in the metaphysical and supernatural.

  • On the back of the bottle is the most ELEQUENT and BEGUILING story etched in gold.

  • A story of black gowns, and full moons, worldly incantations, and fermenting potions.

  • My inner witch was giddy!

Dog Approved

  • Yep!

  • Dogs on a leash are welcome.

  • There are three outdoor picnic areas at Armida all perfect to enjoy wine while your pup and YOU relax.

Social Media Worthy

  • On several levels this winery has loads of photo potential.

  • You could take a photo sitting in the red Adirondack chairs holding up a wine glass.

  • Or the multicolored Poizin bottles are super fun for photos!

  • Standing on the deck with the pond and vineyard views behind you would be a stunning shot.


Feel Good Vibes

  • My two wine industry friends mapped out Passport To Dry Creek Valley for us.

  • I’d never done Passport, so I was eager to sit back and learn from them.

  • Armida was our very last stop on Sunday.

  • They were both emphatic about this…we HAD to be at Armida no later than 4:00pm!!!

  • They’ve been living in Sonoma County much longer than me and started listing off all the parties they’ve been to at Armida.

  • I was in a wine tasting fog at that point, but I remember their stories were coupled with huge smiles, laughter, and fond memories.

  • As we pulled up they continued, ‘Armida has the BEST BANDS, and the BEST deck to dance and the BEST views.’

  • Clearly, when wine industry peeps gush this much about a winery, you know it’s a great spot!


Wine Nerd Facts

  • Wine nerds can be super FUNNY!

  • A good friend of mine got married a few years back.

  • Her husband is a surfer and they make frequent road-trips to Capitola from Healdsburg.

  • Armida has a little tasting room close to downtown Capitola.

  • Right after they got married they headed off on their Capitola honeymoon.

  • Her husband popped into Armida when they got into town and picked up a bottle of Poizin IN the wooden coffin.

  • He made a joke as he showed her the coffin…RIP his single life.

  • Being a wine nerd she laughed and they popped open the bottle that night!


Wine Club? Fun Events

  • I want full access to the views and patio and parties and bands…so yes I would join the wine club.

  • If I had all the money in the world I would join the Club!

  • In the meantime, I’m sure wine club member or not, I’ll be frequenting this place in the summer.


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I have a feeling Poizin will be my new full moon ritual wine.

  • On full moons I read my tarot cards, and I soak my crystals in the light of the full moon, and I write my wishes down and burn them in my cauldron.

  • Most likely pizza will be on the menu.

  • Witches eat pizza right?

  • I can’t wait to savor my Poizin Wine Potion as I whip up some magic of my own.

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