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Bricoleur Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12

I must admit.

When an unknown winery landed in my email inbox and invited me to a media event,

I almost decided not to attend.

My weekends are sacred….did I really want to give up a Saturday afternoon?!?!?


The event seemed to focus around a new rosé wine release. I like rosé but it’s not my favorite.

For whatever reason I felt an urge to RSVP ‘YES’ even though I wasn’t too sure.

THANK GOODNESS my intuition led me in the right direction.

Thank goodness I attended!



If you ask me for a Sonoma County winery rec, be prepared.

EVERYONE gets an earful when I start singing Bricoleur’s praises!


I was so utterly smitten with Bricoleur that I became a Founding Wine Club Member.

That says a lot!

Currently Bricoleur is my only wine club.

Let’s get into the meat of this blogpost!


In no particular order,

Here is a roundup of everything I love or find fascinating about Bricoleur Vineyards.

  • The Name

Definition of Bricoleur | bri · co · leur | French — One who starts building something with no clear plan, adding bits here and there, cobbling together a whole while flying by the seat of their pants.

That’s exactly how Bricoleur Vineyards came to be…hence the perfect name.

The owners fell in love with the property.

A vision took shape of hosting corporate retreats/dinners and charity events.

Quickly this vision expanded into winemaking.

Naturally, it made sense to turn the barn into an event space/tasting room.

Their philosophy appears to be one of…


Let’s see where this goes and let’s create a place where people escape and enjoy.

My entire afternoon at Bricoleur captured this essence.

Food was harvested from the garden.

Sarah, the founder, Chris, the hospitality director, and Isabella, head of marketing, prepared a delicious lunch feast.

Flowers, for the table, were picked and arranged by the owner’s Aunt.

The day flowed and time stood still.

A leisurely lunch and then a stroll around the property.

The day ended with wine tasting and pleasant chatting.

Very casual. Very lovely. Very BRICOLEUR!


  • Jaw Dropping Property

Photos and video do not capture the park-like tranquility of Bricoleur Vineyards.

Visiting in person is a must.

How is it possible that this property is just minutes from my house?!?!

Friday yoga in the pavilion that overlooks the vineyards.

Two ponds/gardens. Floating lily pads. Ducks. Koi fish. A paddle boat AND row boat.

I wanted a picture sipping wine in the row boat.

I nearly fell into the pond!