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La Crema

Updated: Jan 17

Blogger Lunch at La Crema with Camille Styles:

Let’s start this by getting something very out in the open.

I don’t really consider myself an impeccably curated, manicured, flawless, pristine, crisp blogger/instagramer.

I’m drawn to picture perfect instagrams.


Like the dang fruit flies that circle my banana stash.

The bananas I buy to be healthy but never eat…

I can’t get enough of beautiful instagram feeds.

Entertaining, interior decor, foodie table scapes.

White, crisp, magazine worthy, white linen, flawless.

I absolutely LOVE this aesthetic.


Like when my sheets are perfectly tucked.

Scrolling through an instagram that is perfection makes my brain tingle with glee.

And yet I feel more like the smudge.

Like the perfectly set table with that little piece of food that escapes the plate and stains the tablecloth.

I’m more like…

Painting on red toe