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Nalle Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12



  • Friendly

  • Casual

  • Hidden Gem

  • No-frills but quality wine.

  • Situated on an 100+ year old vineyard.

  • Family owned and operated.

  • When you go to the winery for a tasting, I bet one of the Nalle family members will be around.

  • Originally the Nalle’s wanted a wine cave on the property.

  • Due to restrictions they could not build one.

  • Instead, they built an above ground cave/wine cellar.

  • This “cave” has a living roof covered in rosemary.

  • The barrels inside require no heating or cooling thanks to the living roof.

  • They call the tasting room a “potato bunker”.

  • One of Sonoma County’s few above ground caves.

  • Out back are places to picnic and play horseshoe.