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Nalle Vineyards

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



  • Friendly

  • Casual

  • Hidden Gem

  • No-frills but quality wine.

  • Situated on an 100+ year old vineyard.

  • Family owned and operated.

  • When you go to the winery for a tasting, I bet one of the Nalle family members will be around.

  • Originally the Nalle’s wanted a wine cave on the property.

  • Due to restrictions they could not build one.

  • Instead, they built an above ground cave/wine cellar.

  • This “cave” has a living roof covered in rosemary.

  • The barrels inside require no heating or cooling thanks to the living roof.

  • They call the tasting room a “potato bunker”.

  • One of Sonoma County’s few above ground caves.

  • Out back are places to picnic and play horseshoe.



  • Saturday Tasting Fee: $10 for a flight of four wines.

  • One fee waived for each bottle purchased.

  • Modestly priced wines ranging from $48 to $60 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • Thursday & Fridays appointment needed.

  • Limited hours so be sure to make this winery a priority on your tasting adventure.

Wine Pick

  • ALL THE ZIN!!!

  • Balanced.

  • Not overly ripe.

  • Seriously drinkable.

  • Not a heavy or hot zin!

  • I also purchased their Pinot because it was delicious!

Dog Approved

  • Yes!


Social Media Worthy

  • Take a pic by their 90 year old Zinfandel vines.

  • Planted in 1929 by the winemaker’s great-grandfather during Proibition.

  • The Nalle gnarly zin vines are works of art.


Feel Good Vibes

  • I find it fascinating that winemakers/owners back in the 70’s and early 80’s are now passing the baton on to their children.

  • My generation!!!!

  • Andrew Nalle, winemaker and now owner of Nalle, is the son of Doug Nalle.

  • Doug Nalle is Zin Master.

  • The respect Andrew has for his dad, Doug, is heartwarming.

Wine Nerd Facts

  • What does it mean to be completely dry farmed?

  • Nalle is all about dry farming.

  • Nalle Zin vines are so old that the roots probably go down 25 feet straight to the water table.

  • In dry farming, farmers rely on the annual rainfall for growing their grapes.

  • Dry farmed grapes are thought produce more intensely flavored grapes.

  • Dry farmed grapes are supposed to be smaller and more packed with flavor.

  • Vines must be planted far enough apart so that they have a chance to extend their roots down far enough to get as much moisture as possible.

  • Dry farming is a more hands-on farming practice.

  • France, Italy, Germany and Spain have been dry farming for ages!

  • The first grapes in CA were dry farmed.

  • Why did it move from dry farming to predominantly irrigation?

  • Water can shield emergent buds from frostbite.

  • AND irrigating produces larger grape yields.

  • Nalle is committed to never sacrificing quality for quantity.


Wine Club? Fun Events?

  • This wine club has a secret handshake.

  • My friend saw it. Secretively. While we were tasting.

  • I want in on this handshake action!

  • The wine is delicious and the Nalle family is down to earth.

  • Why wouldn’t you want to be part of a family owned winery?

  • Andrew Nalle, winemaker and owner, works hard at all wine events at Nalle.


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I bought three bottles when I tasted here.

  • During 100 wineries in 100 days I typically only buy 1.

  • The wine here was THAT good!!!!

  • 2 Zinfandels and a Pinot.

  • I dont know what else to say….

  • I really thought the wine was spectacular.

  • OH and buy a bottle and then listen to THIS podcast while you enjoy.

  • I ADORE the story of how winemaker Andrew Nalle met his wife April.

  • Trust me. April Nalle is an inspiration too!

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