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Quivira Winery

Updated: Jan 12, 2023



  • When someone puts a glass of wine in my hands, I want to sip and stroll.

  • Quivira, pronounced (key-vera), is the perfect wine-strolling spot.

  • Part winery and part farm.

  • 120 raised garden beds that change with the season.

  • In the spring colorful flowers burst from these garden beds and are so cheery.

  • Stroll by chickens, veggies, an incredible fig tree, bee hives, and a little pond.

  • As I was strolling, I almost forgot for a second I was in Healdsburg.

  • Almost feels like you’re exploring a french garden.

  • The New York Times named Quivira one of the top wineries to visit if you have 36 hours in Sonoma County.

  • I agree!

  • Architectural Digest Called Quivira one of the “Most Beautiful Biodynamic Wineries In The World.”



  • Tasting is $20 Per Person.

  • Wines range from $22 to $45 per bottle.

Appointment Needed? 

  • No appointment needed.

  • Open daily 1-:00am-4:30pm

  • There seems to be some confusion if the picnic tables are open to all or just club members.

  • I would call ahead of time and reserve one just in case.

Wine Pick

  • Sauvignon Blanc

  • The 2015 Sauv Blanc was voted #1 Sauv Blanc in California.


  • They make Sauv Blancs that are 80% stainless steel.

  • The Refuge Sauv is 100% barrel aged.

Dog Approved

  • Yes!

  • Dog’s allowed as you stroll the grounds and in the picnic area.


Social Media Worthy

  • For sure take pics in the garden.

  • Raise a glass amongst the colorful wildflowers.

  • Another great spot would be to take a pic by the pond.


Feel Good Vibes

  • I don’t think anybody would question that what we put in our bodies is important.

  • Quivira wines come from certified organic vineyards.

  • No synthetic pesticides or fertilizers used.

  • Sip happily knowing your wine is pure!

  • ANNNNNNDDD if you love honey-bees like me…

  • And are fearful for all the bee colonies threatened throughout the world like I am….

  • Then Quivira brings hope!

  • Quivira supports the health of their bees and provides a permanent home for them on the property.


Wine Nerd Facts

  • Quivira is aligned in the French concept of terroir.

  • A place is reflected in the glass.

  • All the physical elements of a place affects the character of wine.

  • Terroir can be soil composition, elevation, sun exposure, climate.

  • Terroir is what Mother Nature provides.

  • Wines are the product of their terroir.

  • The wines that come from Quivira are a reflection of the composting, animals, bee hives, and everything that goes into keeping the vineyard soil healthy and alive with microbiotic life.

  • Quivira believes that their vines are as healthy as the entire property.

  • The terroir of Quivira is alive and robust and therefor what is reflected in the glass is pure joy.


Wine Club?  Fun Events? 

  • One of their beautiful patios are open just to the Queue Club. An enjoyable perk for club members.

  • It looks like they have an annual event called Figs & Pigs in September.

  • There is a fig buffet and all the figs come from their 135 year old fig tree on property.

  • There is live entertainment and barrel stomping.

  • At Quivira’s events they often have an Artisanal Marketplace showcasing many products from local small biz owners, as well as their own farm products like olive oil and preserves.


 Sheila’s Tasting Notes

  • I’m an only child.

  • I spent years having to use an active imagination to keep myself occupied as the only kid in my house.

  • I’ve become known for imaginative and storytelling tasting notes.

  • Here’s what I envision when I open a bottle of Quivira:

  • Julia Child and me.

  • We ride to Quivera on our bicycles. The kind of bike with baskets in the front.

  • Our baskets are filled with goodies from Healdsburg Farmer’s market.

  • We are ready for a little picnic.

  • We open a bottle of my favorite Sauv Blanc.

  • I trot over to one of the Quivira flower beds and pick some wildflowers to put in a little vase.

  • The song ‘C’est Is Bon’ sung by Eartha Kitt plays on a portable record player.

  • Julia says one of her famous quotes like: “As you get older, you shouldn’t waste time drinking bad wine.”

  • We guffaw! Julia is just so clever. ; )

  • The wine keeps pouring and we are as happy as…

  • the little bumble bees buzzing around us.

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