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Trattore Farms

Updated: Jan 12, 2023


Key Info

  • No appointment necessary.

  • Hours: 10am-5pm

  • Located in Dry Creek Valley close to downtown Healdsburg.

  • Estate Tasting: $20 and Reserve Tasting: $30

  • Both include tasting their entire olive oil selection.

  • Seated Tasting is $50 and includes a local Sonoma cheese charcuterie board.

  • Mon-Sat Wine and Panini Pairings.

  • Sundays (April-Oct) $40 Wood Fire Pizza plus Estate menu wine tasting.

  • Dogs allowed.

  • Tesla and car charging stations in front of tasting room.

  • Large tasting room.

  • One of my top 5 breathtaking views of Dry Creek Valley.

  • Nice variety of wine options:

  • Rosé, Rhone White Blend, Viognier, Cab, Grenache, Petite Sirah, Pinot, Zin.

  • Wines range from $35-$60.


You May Not Know

  • Trattore is the Italian word for Tractor.

  • Owner Tim Bucher is a farmer and tractor enthusiast.

  • Inside the tasting room are two shiny tractors.

  • One is a shiny red Porsche tractor.

  • I had no idea Porsche made tractors?!?

  • When you think of Trattore you think of delicious wine AND Olive Oil!

  • Olive trees grow well in the hot and dry summers of Dry Creek Valley.

  • Late October is the beginning of olive harvest.

  • Trattore farms imported an entire Italian mill from Gruppo Pieralisi, Italy.

  • All olive oil extracted from the Trattore Farms mill is extra virgin.

  • Not only do they mill their own olive oil, they also offer milling to olive growers.

  • Local olive growers with 1,000lbs or more of olives can use Trattore’s mill.

  • I think there are at least 15 olive oil and vinegar flavors to sample.

  • Some interesting olive oil flavors are: Basil, Jalapeño, and Lime.

  • Wine club members may choose a club option which includes olive oil with their club shipment.


Sheila’s Recommendation

  • This past October, my friend, Katie, invited me to go olive picking.

  • She had a connection to a property with several overflowing olive trees.

  • Olive picking is hard and time consuming! SO MANY tiny olives on a tree.

  • A brilliant idea suggestion, throw a sheet down and shake olives off the tree with a rake.

  • I recommend tracking down access to an olive tree and create a new family tradition, fall olive picking.

  • After we filled up our huge tubs with olives, we headed to Trattore Farms.

  • On certain days in October, you may drop off your olives at Trattore.

  • Trattore mills your olives into the most delicious olive oil.

  • Your olive oil pickup day is EXCITING!

  • DON’T do what we did.

  • The views at Trattore are so incredible; we wanted to take a picture.

  • We placed our gallon of olive oil on a ledge for the perfect sunshine/ vineyard view pic.

  • Yep, our gallon toppled off the ledge.

  • Luckily it didn’t fall far.

  • A kind tasting room man jumped over the fence to fetch it for us.

  • I can’t wait to make olive oil this fall!

  • Makes for great Christmas presents.

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