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My cork earring designs are the perfect fit for any tasting room or shop that attracts female customers who love wine, jewelry and trendsetting designs.  I imagine this woman as a true WINE GODDESS!  My cork earrings enhance her already radiant beauty.  Every earring I design brings light to a woman's face and spotlights her most captivating facial features, and enhances her self confidence.

My earrings often sell-out both in my online store and vendor events.  Women flock to my earring creations which are lightweight, sexy and a conversation piece.  


I make my cork earrings with love here in Sonoma County.  Many customers decide to start a collection of my earring designs.  My cork earrings are a unique treasure to add to any jewelry collection.  As soon as a Wine Goddess holds one of my earrings up to her face, she smiles and thinks, "Must Have".

I offer 2 ways businesses may capitalize on my sought-after cork earrings:








I bring my earrings to your business.  

 No upfront cost.  

You track sales.  

Total the sales from the 1st to the last day of the month.  

Deduct 20% from gross sales.  

This becomes your profit.  

I come in regularly to:

Update inventory


add exclusive seasonal designs.  

When sales exceed your expectations,

we may discuss the more profitable wholesale option. 




Most popular option.  

Increased profit.

Buy earrings through bulk purchasing.  

Choose from top-selling earrings. 

The more inventory you purchase;

the more profit you will make! 

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